Nov 7, 2015

How To Share/Transfer Etisalat Data Bundle (MB) From One Sim To Another

Have you ever been stuck in a situation whereby you want to transfer your internet data bundle from one Etisalat sim to the other and you begin to wonder how the hell you can get that done? What code to dial? The minimum data you can transfer? The requirements, eligibility etc
Etisalat has a simple way of transferring or sharing your data plan mb. So when next you have more than enough megabytes, and your boo asks you for data, you can just transfer some from your line to hers instead of buying another. And who knows, this could be a soul saver someday if you sell it for money when stranded lols!

What You Need To Know
==>The below etisalat data sharing or data transfer code can only work on etisalat monthly data bundles that you subscribed to on your line. And will not work on data gotten from Etisalat promos such as the free 15mb per N200 recharge. As well as on free megabytes gotten from cheats and tweaks.
==>You must have at list 100mb on your line to be able to transfer data.

How To Transfer Etisalat Data Bundles
==>Just dial *299*Recipient's Phone Number*Data amount (in MB)*PIN#

==>For example, lets say you want to transfer 50MB with this phone number 08091234567. Then you will have to dial the code like this
*229*08091234567*50*0000# and send.

==>With that said, the 0000 above, is the default pin for etisalat data transfer. You can change it to your own personal 4 digit number by dialing *247*old PIN*New PIN#

That's all. You can now save some cash sharing, transferring instead of buying separate data bundles for your loved one.

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