Aug 25, 2014

Solution To The Can't Connect To Camera Error on Android

I came across this error on my phone today, while in the midst of some friends having fun and I felt the need to take pictures of the happenings, with my Android phone for memories sake, and blam. I got the message:
"can't connect to camera"on my Android phone's screen. Then the camera won't come on.
cant connect to camera error

At first I thought I had ended up ruining my phones camera, as I was seriously beaten by rain the day before. So I started thinking of a possible solution. Below was what I came up with, of which the last was what actually solved the problem for me.

How To Fix It
1. Tap and hold onto your home key  to show all your running apps, now stop all of them, including the camera app itself and try clicking the the camera again.

2. If that doesn't fix it, check if you have other apps making use of the camera, like whatsapp, Skype, telegram, etc and stop them. As this has been known to be the major culprit here.

3. Finally if the above two solutions doesn't work out, try this last resort which is most likely going to arrest the situation as it also did the magic for me. Just Restart/Reboot your phone then go back to the camera app viola.

And pls if after all the above solutions, the camera still won't come up. pls let us know through the comment box below.

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  1. please i've tried the first and last method; both didn't work. the second method however i don't really understand how to stop the whatsapp and other apps.

    1. To stop whatsapp or any other app, goto your phone settings=> Apps=> Search for whatsapp or the supposed app and select it. Then on the screen, you will find "Force Stop" just tap it to stop app.

      As per your phone not responding to any of the above fix, I suggest you reset your phone or pass it across to a techy for proper examination.

  2. I tried all methods but still it's not working. I reinstall the latest version by computer in bazaar. But the problem didn't solve

    1. Then you may have to take your phone to a technician.