Sep 5, 2014

Solution To Play Store No Connection Error On Android

This is a problem every Android user must pass through if not twice, once! So long you browse, and download apps on your device often. Most times it maybe as a result of slow internet connection of which Airtel is a culprit or better still far from it.
Without wasting time, solutions to this is very simple. All you need do is;

==> First of all check if you have Droidwall installed and disable it.
==> For slow internet connection, go to a 3G enabled Area to be able to smoothly access your play store again. But if that's not the case, read on.
==> On the path of Airtel of which I was a victim, I had a steady 3G network(by that I mean sharp 3G network) but still Play Store wont connect. Here was what I did.
Goto Settings=> More=> Access point names=> Choose Network(in my case it was Airtel)=> Option=> New APN. Do the setup and select as default. Done!
==> Check the time & date of the phone.
==> Remove or use SDmaid to disable any VPN Running on your device.

==> If all of the above doesn't work for you, tell us via the comment box below or better still get Blackmart Alpha to substitute it.

Download Blackmart Alpha here

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