Dec 5, 2014

Storage Space Running Out! How To Resolve It On Android - No Formating Needed

This error is usually as a result of too many apps being installed on your Android device. This Apps while operating keeps records or log of their operations and most times, this log's file size are usually too large that they eat away our Android Phone's  memory space leaving you with little or no memory for your new Apps.

Most people call it low internal memory space problem. You may wonder how a phone with 16gb rom will be complaining of some system functions may not work bla blah blah!.

To resolve this, you may have been trying out anything that comes in mind such as moving apps to M.card, Uninstalling your sweet Apps. And after everything, you are left with little or no changes at all. Then the BIG idea of formating comes as this error will make your phone annoying with series of Storage space running out pop ups.

How Do I Fix This
==>Make sure your phone is rooted. If not, follow the steps listed here to root it.
==>Download and Install ROM Toolbox lite from here
==>Open, scroll down and select root browser.
==>Now Go to data ==> Log.
==>Delete everything you see there.

You should by now have at least half of the inbuilt space allocated for your Phone Apps on purchase of your phone as Free Space for Apps installation again.

NOTE: In some MTK phones, you may see the log folder as Log other mode. No need worry its still the same. And this steps can be repeated should in case it happens again.

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