Nov 18, 2014

6 Places To Download Android Apk Files For Free Without Stress On Opera Mini & Other Browsers

Generally Opera mini and PC users can't download Android Apps from Google Play store. And the different tricks / methods of doing so on PC has proofed to be way too difficult to be repeated each time you need to download Apps. So today will be lifting you off the hook, with web site Alternatives to Play store.

You maybe wondering why download from opera mini / PC when you have Google Play store, the largest App store installed on your phone. The answer is not far fetched, as play store just like every other app, is no saint. Therefore has its own shot comings as well.

Why Use This Alternatives?
Unlike Play store, there are
==>No country restrictions
==>You can download paid apps in some of this websites
==>You don't need to install any app to download from this sites.
==>You download apps in Apk format (Raw file). Meaning it doesn't install the Apps automatically to your phone. So after uninstalling, you can still reinstall them if you want or share them
==>BlackBerry 10 users can easily get Apk files for there device here.
==>Less MB consumption, and you can still download Apps without 3G network (edge)
==>It is totally stress free. Search App, click download and that's it.

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Places To Download Android Apps With Opera Mini

1. Appsapk
Appsapk till now is still my favorite. Fast downloads, easy search, great picture and file description. Though not all Apps could be found here, at least its wort trying out.

2. 4shared
Files here are uploaded by other users of the app that felt like sharing them. Here you may find tens if not hundredths of the same file you just have to chose from the lot. One downside is that you need to be a member to download from 4shared. And free members have to wait for a countdown timer. So with your opera mini you may have to wait and then reload the page.

3. Apps Evozi
Apps Evozi is simply an Apk downloader. It can be used to download app from Google play store with ease using your opera mini browser or any other browser. All you need do is locate a particular file you wish to download at play store, paste it there and generate link.

4. Apkfiles
There is actually nothing much to say about Its services are just similar to that of appsapk and requires you to just search and download. As simple as that.

5. Getjar
Getjar as the name implies "jar" used to be a major source for downloading .jar files for Nokia java phones. So they finally made a turn and now handles Apk files downloads with ease.

6. Apkhere
Apkhere also offers similar services just like Appsapk and Apkfiles. It comes handy at times when all hope is lost. You can easily have access to files like framaroot, root checker and so on here.

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