Nov 28, 2014

REVIEW: How To Enjoy Glo Bis Without Changing Your Android Phone Imei

For the past few months now, we have all being preached to on how to change Android phone imei to enjoy Glo Bis. Forgetting that this can still work smoothly without tampering with your phone imei.

This step was rather dumped because it requires a little bit of out sourcing(blackberry device). But i decided to review it as it can actually save the samsung users from the bondage / difficulty of trying to change there phone imei. Though samsung phone's imei can easily be changed using QPST Tool given Here, it will be advisable you try this first. 

How To Use Glo Bis Without Changing Your Imei
==>Get a glo sim card,
==>Insert the Glo sim card into a blackberry devive
==>Send comoth to 777
==>When you recieve a welcome message, browse with it a little, then remove it and inser it back into your Android phone.
==>Change your APN to and start browsing. Make sure you are in a 3G area to make it faster.

NOTE: I recently learnt that some people after downloading hundreds of megabyte on their sim, the data balance still remained untouched. This is good news and may also be a bad news in the sense that glo maybe working on blocking this tweak. So go ahead and download till mama calls. 

I will be coming up with a link on how to download and install the FIFA 14 soccer game for Android. So get your device ready for a downloading spree.

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