Dec 24, 2014

5 Ways To Backup/Transfer Phone Files Before Selling: Android, iPhone, Nokia

Recently, knowing it was Christmas period, and lots of you will be out scouting on What Phone To Buy. I published a post on Top 10 cheap Android phones for 2015. A great post I believe every one of you will want to take a look at. Though It wasn't easy putting it together, I am glad I did.

But then there are things that people do before switching, selling, or buying a new phone. I had this problem myself some months ago when I most wanted to switch my Android phone but didn't because I never knew how to backup my files / data to be able to transfer them back to my new phone when I get it.

What I will be sharing with you guys today, is nothing less, but how to transfer files from your old phone to the new one before selling it off, giving it out or to be on safe side in case of lost, theft. Be it Android, Windows phone, symbian or any other mobile platform. So you still have all your files intact after doing so.
Android to iPhone backup

How To Back up & Restore Phone Files

Wondershare is one great mobile transmission App from wondershare inc, that allows the transfer of data / files from one phone to another. This App transfers data from different mobile Operating systems (iOS, Android and even symbian) to another with just one click. Wondershare can transfer phone files ranging from Text messages, Contacts, Photos, Call logs, Videos, Apps, Documents, Calender and so on. All without loosing file quality, and could be used for backup. Should in case you loose your phone, mistakenly got it formatted or something goes wrong. Currently it supports file transfer from; 
  1. Android to Android
  2. iOS to Android
  3. Nokia to Android
  4. Android, iOS to Nokia
  5. Android, iOS to iOS
  6. Nokia to iOS
  7. Nokia to Nokia
To know more about this App, Click Here to visit there website.
Samsung Smart Switch Mobile 
When you talk about Android, Samsung has a great part in it. This is just one of their numerous Apps, for Android users. And just like any other manufacturer will have it, this App is specifically designed to allow file transfers from Android and other Operating System (OS) to the latest Samsung galaxy series smart phones. Meaning this app is meant for those wanting to switch from Android, iphone, Blackberry, symbian etc to Samsung galaxy. It supports file transfer from;
  • Other Android phones to Samsung galaxy
  • iPhone to Samsung galaxy
  • Blackberry and symbian to Samsung galaxy.
How It Works?
==>Download Smart switch mobile on both phones. Android from play store. But for other Operating system, you can search the App market of that OS or Click Here
==>Bring the devices close to each other. Like 4 inches apart
==>Open the App on both devices and select Android to Galaxy (depending on your OS)
==>Select what you wish to transfer and hit transfer on the old device.
==>Now Hit OK on your Samsung galaxy to Accept files.

Supported files for transfer include Contacts, Calender, text messages, pictures,music videos, documents, call logs, wallpaper, lock screens, alarms, Story album, wifi details. Just name it.

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Easy Backup & Restore
Easy backup & restore, is another great one, but strictly meant for the Android OS. And as the name implies, Easy backup and restore is by far one of the best and easiest backup and restore tool for the Android users. It can back up and restore Apps, sms, mms,call log,calender, bookmarks, dictionary, and contacts. 

You have options, to create back up on either your phone SD card, Gmail, Dropbox, Google drive or One drive account. Create backup manually or schedule automatic backups on your Android device in no time. It comes in different languages and allows you choose a specific storage location for your backups, be it Internal memory or SD card. With Easy backup, you can;
  • Schedule Automatic backups or manually create backups
  • View backup contents
  • Backup Apps to SD card, Dropbox, Google drive, OneDrive.
  • Send a backup content as email.
  • Backup and restore Apps data. Meaning when you restore backups, your games / Apps history / stages gets restored automatically including Opera mini saved pages (root access is needed though).
To download / install Easy backup & restore to your Android phone and learn more about this sweet App go Here
Transfer My Data
If you are considering on moving from Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phones etc to  Windows phone. Especially Nokia Lumia, Transfer My Data is for you. Though it could be really slow in transferring data, because it uses Bluetooth to transfer all data. It transfers files ranging from contacts, photos, text messages. Really, it Doesn't offer much, but its worth using. Click Here to know more about this App

How To Transfer Files On Nokia Java Phones 

To transfer, backup, and restore files on Nokia java phones, is quite an easy one. As most Nokia java phones comes with an inbuilt Data transfer and backup features that can be easily located under settings of the phone. To find this features, Go to Settings=> Sync and Backup. You will find;
  • Phone Switch
  • Create Backup
  • Data Transfer
Phone Switch: Allows you transfer files such like contact, calender, text messages, Multimedia messages, notes to another phone via Bluetooth. On clicking this, you should find another sub-menu namely; Synchronise, Copy to this, Copy from this. I believe its now self esplanatory.

Create Backup: Makes it easy to create a backup of your Phone settings, Contacts, Messages, Bookmarks, Calender, Gallery files, Apps & games. And stores them all in your Phones memory card. When something goes wrong, you format your Nokia phone / loose files, and restore this backups, the phone should look exactly as the day you made the backup.

Data Transfer: Involves sever synchronization and PC synchronization of phone data.


File transfers has never being so easy. Gone are the days when you have to backup your phone files manually on pc by connecting probably with a USB cable / card reader and start copying / moving them one by one. With the above write ups, this should be easier.

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