Feb 10, 2017

4 Sure Ways To Unlock Nokia Phones Without Security Codes

This post was last updated in February 2017. And all the methods listed are working perfectly on different models of Nokia devices.

Today, I will be sharing with you guys, four best, solid, simple, convenient, stress-free and unbelievable ways to unlock any Nokia device at your disposal, without actually having any idea of what the unlock codes really are.

These methods has proven to have worked perfectly in unlocking both old & new Nokia phones: Symbian, Nokia Java S40, s60, and even the new Nokia Asha series.

unlock nokia phones
I will try my possible best to make this as easy as possible. But before I begin, I know by now you may be thinking of using this trick on your girlfriend/boyfriend, Dad / Mum to know what's really hidden behind those security codes of theirs or to be able to carry out certain transactions on their phones without their approval. But before you do, kindly keep it in mind that;

It is completely illegal to invade one's privacy without one's consent/prior notice. And that this post is only for educational purposes nothing more.

How To Unlock Any Nokia Phone Without An Unlock Code

Method One (1)

This method is simple and requires no expertise whatsoever. The easiest on the list and works mostly on Old Nokia devices.


==>While phone is locked and on Standby mode,
==>Tap and hold Unlock (center button) Till you see "press * to unlock".
==>Press * and the phone should be unlocked.

This is almost same, as the default way of Unlocking all Nokia Automatic keyguard locks without security code on it. But the difference is; you have to hold the center button "still". Not just pressing it.

Method Two (2)

This method of unlocking your Nokia phone without unlock code requires the use of the phones 15 digit IMEI to generate a 10 digit Master unlock code you can use to unlock the phone at any time.


==>While the phone is unlocked, dial *#06# to retrieve the Phones 15 digit IMEI or open the back case of the phone and carefully copy out the imei written there.
==>Goto http://www.unlockitfree.com and click on "Free Remote Instant Master Code".
==>Enter the 15 digit IMEI number of the phone you wish to unlock and click on Generate.
==>Copy the 10 digit master code generated. And use to unlock phone whenever you wish to unlock it.

Unlocking Without Online Code Generator / Master Code

Method Three (3)

Method three works perfectly in unlocking the newer sets of Nokia s40 java phones like Nokia 2690, 2700, 3110c, 5130, 2626 etc

Normally when it is not locked, you will need to press the Center button then * to unlock. But since it's locked, after pressing the Center button, followed by *, you will then be required to provide the unlock code.

To bypass that and unlock without code follow this steps.

nokia 2700 buttons


==>Turn On the Nokia device, and allow to finish.
==>While on Standby mode, dial 112 (Emergency number) and Tap the Green call key to send.

==>Wait for one (1) second and hit the top right "End Call" key to terminate the call.

You should notice that the phone forgot its self for a second and displayed Goto by the left side, Menu at the center and Music, Media, Calculator etc on the right depending on what's preset.

==>Now when you notice that quickly Tap Menu (center button). This should take you to the phone menu.

==>Repeat the step again but this time tapping the Navigation keys towards Phone settings.

==>Under settings, Goto Phone=> Automatic keyguard. And turn it Off. The phone should now be wild open.

When done, you can easily turn Automatic Keyguard back ON, then Use Menu followed by * to lock. So as not to leave traces if the phone isn't yours.

Method Four (4)

I call this the oracle method. I'll say Nokia really did a very big mistake by letting this loop hole exist in most of its phones. Its the simplest and fastest way to unlock the new Nokia Asha series devices, without any code whatsoever, no master code needed, no software.

Phones include Nokia Asha 200, 201, 202, 203, X2, etc

And you know what? I revealed it to my little Nokia freak cousin, and the first week, he used it in unlocking his phone each time instead of using the actual unlock code.

And the next week, he removed the security code completely stating it was completely useless. And opted for an Android phone. Not knowing an Android phone can also be unlocked without its correct pattern too. Soon I will be talking on how to bypass an Android lock pattern as well. But for the mean time;

nokia asha 201
==>While phone is locked and on Standby mode,
==>Hit Unlock (center button) followed by *. As if you want to unlock, but instead of the code.

==>Input 911 as the code and hit the Green Call key to send.
==>Immediately after sending, Tap the top right End call key twice to unlock.

==>The phone should now be unlocked. And shall remain open till you reboot the Nokia device.

Method Five (5)
If after using all of the above methods on your Nokia device, and non seem to work for your model, you are left with one final option which will definitely work but will cost you money. And that's seeking the help of a professional/engineer/technician. 
phone technician

You can find them at phone repair store or kiosks and all you have to do is tell them the problem of your phone and they will get it unlocked for you using a software and a computer through a process called flashing to format/reset the phone password. 

Howerver, this method could lead to you loosing all the existing files such as contacts, pictures, video, music/audios etc. So be prepared so as not to be caught unaware. And if you are in Nigeria, the price is just withing the range of N1000 to N2500 depending on the model of your Nokia phone.

Over To You
All of the above methods are 100% effective and safe, in unlocking Most Nokia phones locked with security codes in few minutes without cracking, hacking of any kind. No PC required too. However, if you are still having problems getting by this post's explanations, and need more light thrown to it. Don't hesitate to use the comment box.

Did you finally unlock your Nokia phone?? Do let me know.

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  1. my phone is old phone and I av change d security pin and is automatic lock now I have forget d security pin help me sir!!!

  2. I want to hardreset my nokia asha 200 I forgot my security code please help

    1. What is it saying? one of the above methods should work for you. But if non doeas, then you need a pc to flash your device.

      I'll recommend you take it to a professional who will do it for you at minimal cost

  3. Hi, I'm trying to unlock nokia 6280 but its locked with the security code and won't let me do anything. Even activate the data cable (choosing PC suite/ ovi suite).
    PLease let me know if there is nay way to bypass it.

  4. how do u unlock a nokia asha 302

  5. I have an old Nokia 101 mobile and have forgotten my security code. Can someone please help in unlocking it

  6. I have an old Nokia 101 mobile and have forgotten my security code. Can someone please help in unlocking it

    1. If non of the above methods works for you, then you need a PC to format/flash the device. I'll suggest you take it to a professional.

  7. i have forget the passward of nokia 105 can anyone help here

    1. try any of the above methods that your phone fall into or get help from a professional.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. I have a nokia 215. It is a bit newer model. I changed it's security pin and forgot it. None of the above methods worked. What can I do? Thanks.

  10. for X1-01 its not working coz it still require security code.

  11. 105Nokia?? Cant unblock security code

  12. 105Nokia?? Cant unblock security code

  13. Nokia 105 security code cant unblock it? Plz help

  14. Nokia 105 security code cant unblock it? Plz help

  15. thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much...................................

  16. Hi there, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this post.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

  17. Hi! I've forgotten my own security code for my old, but still working Nokia 3310 from 2001. I tried to use a security mastercode, but i won't work... We have 2018 now, and I'm thinking that anyone still uses programms for old Nokias.
    Can anyone help me? :)
    Greetz from Poland :)

  18. am having e71 but can't fill master reset code as function * and # do not work I mean how to press * and # on screen requesting unlock code

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    activity life to listen news on TV, so I simply use internet for that purpose, and obtain the most recent news.