Jan 11, 2015

Best Data Plans From Glo + Glo Data Share & Data Gifting

I have it hot in my sleeves today, with best data plans from glo, glo data sharing to those whom might feel like sharing, and finally glo data gifting all in one.

You see we Nigerians will never seize to trip/shiver to that phrase "best data plans". For PC or the little data sucking demon called an Android phone in your pocket.

Soon I will be coming up with a post on Top 10 Must Have Android Apps. And trust me everything including your Android data sucking experience will be treated accordingly in it. But for the time being;

What Are The Best Glo Data Plans For Laptops/Pc?

Apart from tethering your Glo bis on Android to PC, which can be so frustrating, since you cannot change a modem imei to bb imei to surf directly. Am pleased to say, that you can now buy cheap data plans courtesy of Glo overload data bundles. Which also supports data sharing & data gifting. Glo overload bundles offers;

==>My phone 2.5GB For N2,000
==>Always macro 4.5GB For N3,000
==>Always mini 12GB at N5000
==>Always max 24gb For N8,000

All valid for 1 Month equivalent to 30 days. Isn't that cheap compared to this Etisalat data plans and this mtn sme data?

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To Buy
==>2.5gb Dial *127*55#
==>4.5gb Dial *127*54#
==>12gb Dial *127*11#
==>24gb Dial *127*12#

To Check data Balance
==>Dial *127*0#

How To Use Glo Data Share & Data Gifting Features

The data share allows you share your current/available/leftover data bundle with your loved one's, saving you the extra stress and cost of buying an entirely new bundle.

While the data gifting serves as an option, if you'd rather prefer not to share. You buy and send as a gift instead. I see this changing the normal Send Me Airtime by babes to Send Me Data lols.

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Data Share

To Add Number
==>Dial *127*01*Number# OR Text Share Space Number to
127 E.g. Share 08059876543 to 127.

To Remove Number From Data Share

==>Dial *127*02*Number# OR Text Remove Space Number to 127 E.g. Remove 08059876543 to 127.

To view the Numbers in your data share list,

==>Dial *127*00# or Text List to 127

For Data Gifting

==>Dial *127*Code of preferred plan*Number you wish to gift plan#
OR Text Gift space Number to
127. E.g *127*55*08059876543#

Plan/Subscription Codes Are
  • 55 For My phone 2.5GB
  • 54 For Always macro 4.5GB
  • 11 For Always mini 12GB
  • 12 For Always max 24GB
==>Glo data sharing is not same as SME data share.

Still having any question/doubt? The comment box is all yours dear!

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