Jan 11, 2015

MTN Bis 3GB Works Perfectly With SL4 - See How To Set it Up On Android

If you are still having problems, setting up MTN Bis of 3gb at #100 per day, 3gb for #500 per week or 3gb for #1000 per month on your Android phone, with Simple Android Server (Simple server.apk). Probably because of its Auto closing issue which I proffered a solution to Here , or for whatever reason, best known to you, then SL4 could be your best Alternative apart from Open VPN.

I know this might be your first time of hearing the word SL4. But no need to worry.

Sl4a is an App formally known as Android Scripting Environment (ASE) that provides a scripting layer for Android, which makes Scripting languages possible on your little Android Smart phone. More on SL4A.apk Here

Why Is Sl4 your best Alternative To Simple server.apk?

==>Unlike simple server for Android, SL4 does not Auto close/force close on its own even with low Ram memory available.
==>It does the same job at providing MTN bis to your Android Phone with ease.
==>It makes use of PC .INI setup file.

How Then Do I Enjoy MTN Bis Using SL4?

Its simple to set up. All you need do is download sl4a r6.apk from the above link or get it from Data file Host. Then download Python for Android Here its only 5.94mb. And follow the steps below.

==>First of all, after downloading all of the above stated files, move the 6 py files(python files) without the .ini file. To the location SD card/sl4a/scripts.
==>Install PythonForAndroid followed by Sl4.
==>Goto Sdcard/sl4a and rename scripts.zip to scripts.egg.
==>Open up python for Android and Tap on Import module.
==>Now locate the scripts on your SD card, Extract and Copy the scripts.egg folder to SD card/sl4a
==>Create a New folder and Name it sl4asdcard.
==>Now copy & paste the simpleserver.ini file to the folder (sl4asdcard) you created earlier.
==>Go back to Phone Menu and Tap on sl4a, followed by Main.py. A box will pop up with options to choose from. Select the first one in the list (Terminal Sign).
==>Goto to Main.py, and if you see something like;

Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port: 8080

Then you are on point. And ready to groove.

Woes, Downside/Bad sides Of SL4 On Android?
==>Sl4 does not support most phones running the kitkat and Lollipop Android versions. Although it still does for some.
==>As powerful as it is, it doesn't power all Apps. Eg play store, whatsapp.

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  1. Good evening boss!
    Simple server is better since it powers the Google app store all my apps are up to date ;D
    I've got questions
    1. Who knows if it works for Infinix zero since it runs on 4.4 KitKat.
    2. Who watches YouTube with his? I really miss GLO bis I really miss GLO bis on my phantom A+ ;D #inifinix_zero_refused_to_root!! :^(

    1. Evening dear, thanks for giving your own opinion. However am trying to see if there is a way to power all app with sl4 just as proxydroid does with simple server.

      I really can't tell about infinix zero, but it did work on injoo i1s & i2s kitkat. so you can just try it out.

      As per your infinix zero rooting issues, what app have you used? This method quite tough should root it.