Feb 13, 2015

Best Apps & Websites For Suitable Valentine Love Text Messages

The Christmas & new year celebrations are gone with the jingles. Now its valentine, and next will be Easter. Scooping out love text messages off head to send to your loved one's, is greatly a thing of the past, with the thousands of Apps and websites available for this purpose. So sad I didn't add it to the Top 10 must have Apps.

The only thing left, is actually scouting, getting the best of this Apps & websites with cool sweet romantic SMS that will wow your lover and force him/her to cling onto you for the next 5000 Vals to come. They include;

==> 5000+ Love Messages

==> Romantic Love Sms Collection

==> http://www.txt2nite.com/love-text-messages

==> http://www.conveysms.com

To Add to it, a lot of people, especially ladies love getting birthday, val, Christmas & new year text messages at exactly 12am midnight(00:00). Because they feel you stayed up that late for them. Lol

Why not surprise & make your loved one's happy by simply scheduling your phone, to do the job of sending this messages, sms at that time while you yourself is fast asleep?

SMS Scheduler does the magic. Download its apk Here

Have others? Nobody is a know all. Kindly share!

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