Feb 9, 2015

MTN Free 250MB - Simple Trick To Get Unlimited Data From MTN

Its been months, we've all been ripping from the goodies (500MB) Etisalat has for infinix Zero, Phantom Z and Infinix Hot users etc. As well as the cheap data only the blackberry owners enjoy from Glo on our little Android devices. I call it the baba of all Operating systems OS.

This time around we will not just rip Glo & Etisalat, but MTN as well, of the 250MB that MTN Nokia phone users get for free, on any other Android phone, not supported. By simply porting your imei to that of this supported ones. And Next will be Airtel

How To Get The MTN Free MB/GB

==>Get an MTN Sim.
==>Download & install Imei Analyzer if you don't already have, Here
==>Open and Insert 8676480104 follow by any other 4digit number of choice and hit Analyze to get the check digit making it a total of 15digit.
==>Tweak the imei to the sim port containing the MTN Sim. Follow the steps here to do that www.techdavids.com/2014/11/how-to-change...
==>Finally Reboot your phone, Text/Send Nokia to 131 and 250MB will be given to you. Dial *559# to check your MB.

1. You can only get the above 250mb once on each mtn sim. To get more data, accumulate your MB, use this first digits: 3597670531 with the above steps but this time text Samsung to 131 to receive 100mb. Now keep retweaking & sending.

2. Should you get a message like "Dear customer, you are eligible for only 2mb data plan daily". It means you have already gotten your 250mb on that sim.

3. Sorry, you are not eligible to participate in this offer. To participate, buy an MTN NOKIA phone and send keyword 'NOKIA' to 131! Thank you!; This either means you already got credited with your 250mb or you have to tweak/change your imei again.

4. While changing your imei, should you get any response like; "command is not allowed in user build". After clicking on COMMAND, instead of the normal "Command is smart!" Don't panic. Just add one space between the AT+ and EGMR... That is AT+ space EGMR... Or just copy and paste this: AT+ EGMR=1,7,"IMEI Num" Hope it worked?

Time to get wise. Have you considered doing same free megabytes or any of the above for your neighbours, friends for a token? #MoneyinYourPocket lol.

Did you get your own MB?

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  1. Thanks boss it works perfectly. I'm really grateful, with your help I have been browsing freely for over 6 months. May the Lord add more grace to ur elbow...

    1. Thank you Andrew. But you are too greedy oh!! Chai 6months and you still don't want to pay for data Lols.

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