Jun 14, 2015

Android Soft Keys Not Working? - How To Use Phone Without Them (Onscreen Alternatives)

Hello guys! Sorry I took a few days off, for reasons way beyond my control. In this post, you will learn how to use your Android device with or without the soft key pad/buttons.

Some weeks ago while struggling to pull out my ATM card from my wallet, so as to withdraw some cash, my Android phone (Infinix Hot x507) accidentally fell on the concrete floor beneath. And that was it. The  phones soft keys, buttons went dead with the screen still responding perfectly to touch. After hitting and doing some minor things to get it fixed, it just wouldn't work. 
Took it to a Tecno office here in owerri and was told to cough out N5,000 and come back in 4weeks to pick it up. That's was dissapointing - expensive and takes time. My device is too important to wait that long. Had to go back home and that was when the idea stroke my mind. I had been using an onscreen key (button savior) on my Opsson Ivo before giving it out. So I Downloaded it and it worked just fine.

Althernatives To Your Android Soft Key Buttons
Softkey Enabler: This app enables an onscreen key like that on Google Nexus devices. As long as you phone run on Android version 4.0 and above you are good to go.

Button Savior: This require root access. And comprises of home key, back button, minimize, Option, volume up and down, power button etc. Used this in my opsson back then and it worked fine. But on my infinix, the back button, option and some others didn't. Which made me download the next app.

Back Button: Another great app for onscreen keys. Includes back button as the name implies, one click minimize button, home key, and notification bar drop down button: With the drop down button, you don't need to drag down the notification bar. Just tap and its down.
Others Include
Floating Soft keys, Handy Soft keys, My home button

In case you want to use your phone without the power button at all or if your power button is spoilt/having problems, downloading Autoscreen On: Am app that turns on your phone screen when you swipe your finger over the sensor beside your phone front camera. With it, you can turn off your phone screen light with button savior and turn it back ON when needed with Autoscreen ON. So you don't need to press your power button often. And note some of the Apps require root while others didn't. Enjoy your phone without repair lols.

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