Aug 18, 2015

Simple Steps To Turn Your Laptop/PC Into Wifi Hotspot With UCweb For Free

Months back, we where all grazed with the sudden introduction of a pc version(.exe) of the best mobile browser ever - Ucweb. Which just like the mobile versions, comes packed with lots of interesting features that will always make other browsers feel ashamed of their developers.

Some of this features include:
==>Supports Multi File formats Download
==>Very simple and friendly user interface.
==>Very Clean and Easy to Operate
==>Virtual WiFi future.
==>Smooth and quick webpage loading process
==>Inbuilt Download manager and Video Player
==>Ability to Design your browser theme
==>It works excellent with low speed internet to high speed 3G and Internet DM and Wifi. With many more amazing, unique and inbuilt features.

For today, we will be concentrating on the free virtual wifi features that comes hidden with this new ucweb for pc version. That will send other softwares like connectify, pdanet which offer similar services packing in the nearest feature. And give it an edge to compete with other top browsers like Firefox and chrome for the spot of best browser on pc.

Ucweb WiFi router

What it Does/Can Be Used For?

Just like connectify on pc, you can use the desktop ucweb wifi features to connect other devices to browse and download from your pc data. Devices like Android, iphone, ipad blackberry other pc,  with wifi features can easily connect a browse directly from your pc 

But kindly note that for this to work, your pc must be the main source of the internet connection. That is ucweb cant share data to other devices if your laptop connected from another wifi hotspot. Meaning you actually have to be connected using a modem. This entirely slates the glo bis users out.

To locate the virtual wifi hotspot features, look at the top right corner of your ucweb for pc screen. Immediately after the search bar. Or see the image below.

How To Use it?

==>First Connect your pc to the internet using a usb modem.
==>Download latest UCweb for PC Here.

==>Locate the WiFi router option at the top of your screen just after the search bar and turn it on.

==>Connect and start browsing with other wifi enabled devices. Its simple with No harsh setup needed.
Seriously i was amazed upon realizing this hidden features in ucweb. But It seems the thing doesn't work/show up on windows xp laptops. Downloaded it on quite a number of them but the feature was nowhere to be found. Apart from this, if you already have it installed but can't locate it, just uninstall and download the one above. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.

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