Oct 13, 2015

How To Buy Android Apps From Play Store With Naira (Images)

Not long ago, Google added a feature that enables we Nigerians to purchase apps and pay for in app coins from play store with Naira. That is you pay with the dollar equivalent price in Naira. And you will agree with me that before now, the dollar sign on paid apps are usually a turn off to most Nigerians making them to always seek for the free alternatives, tricks which is usually long and stressful.
naira on play store

A typical example is the candy crush game. Where you either pay for coins or go the way of Facebook invite to buy more life. And since the feature makes in-app purchases easier, i foresee a lot of Nigerians ready to spend thousands of Naira buying in-app game coins.

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Today, I will walk you through step by step on how to purchase your favorite apps and games from play store with our local currency (Naira). So if you haven't started doing that, and have an app you wish to purchase from the Android store for your device, lets proceed.

How To Buy Apps & Games From Play Store With Naira

==>1. First, Launch play store app or Click Here to visit from your mobile browser.
==>2. Login with your details if you haven't already

==>3. Click on the search bar at the top of the screen and enter the name of the App you want to purchase.
play store paid App in naira
==>4. Select the supposed App from the search result. It will open up and you should now see the Naira equivalent price of the app written on a Buy Now button.

==>5. Click on the button, then hit continue

==>6. Select Add credit or debit card. Or if you have a gift code, pick Redeem instead and insert code. 

play store naira payment form
Form to fill
==>7. If you chose to add your credit card details, select your Credit card or debit card type (verve, visa or MasterCard) followed by next. Fill in your detail and hit on save! Your card number is the 15 digit number on your card. MM and YY is your cards month and year of expiry respectively. While the CVC number is the 3 digit number written separately at the back of your card.

==>8. After the above, proceed and your download will begin in a few minutes.

And that's all. You can enjoy your purchased app, game. The money will be deducted in naira from your credit card.

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  1. you have to generate an iPin; if you have using a Visa Card.

    1. An ipin? didnt notice that. I guess you are referring to the temporary pin generated and sent by text during credit card purchases.

      Thanks for the addition.

  2. How can I do that any help will be appreciated

  3. I have visa card and I am unable to purchase anything online

    1. Okay! What response are u getting after keying in ur details and at what online stores are u using it?

      Same thing happened to me when trying to make payments at Amazon. The worst is, the card usually works

  4. please am confuse what is postal code can you explain to me email me please :( josephjohnn2354@gmail.com