Jun 30, 2016

WINNER!!! Whatsapp Has Been Given The Most Popular Messaging App In The World

Do you know that whatsapp was bought by facebook $19 billion years back and whatsapp has been getting upgraded since then, instant message, voice call, sharing media and very soon, video call will be introduced
SimilarWeb WhatsApp dominates 109 countries of the world which Nigeriais included thereby ranking it as world's best messaging app

At the long run, Whatsapp defeat Facebook Messenger because messenger leads few African countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea Republic,

OH! Did you know why I said “OH”, I remember BBM just now..
BBM is drastically going down, It has lost it’s control in some parts of the world like Indonesia,

My people, Respect whatsapp ooo, It has been emerged the winner but nevertheless, let see what facebook messenger can do maybe it can also strive.

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