Jul 18, 2016

#4 Things You Shouldn't Do To Your Android Device!

Most of us uses Android devices nowadays while some people complain of having issues with their android like battery problem, hanging and lot more but this problems are mostly caused  by individual which we are going to sort out today. There are some things you shouldn’t do to your android devices if you really want to enjoy using it.
Android phone


1. Don’t Use More Than One Antivirus On Your Smartphone- It’s good to have antivirus on phone because there are some app that run  at the background of the phone but not with standing, it’s risky to have more than one antivirus on phone, your phone may start developing some funny faults when the antivirus too much on one phone, One antivirus is OK for one phone.

2. Don’t Ignore Software Updates- You need to update your smartphone  periodically  so that  it can continue to work smoothly , with this, the antivirus on your smartphone will be able to back fire any virus which is coming in to your phone. Even if you don’t have time in updating your phone, you can set it as auto update.

3. Stop Downloading From Un-reliable Sources- Downloading applications, musics, videos and many more from un-trusted sources can kill the phone in different areas. Make sure you are downloading whatever you want to download in reliable sites such as “google play”

4. Stop Restarting Your Smartphone Often- Restarting your phone everytime can also affect the phone, I know some people shut down there phone at night but whenever you want to do this, stop removing the phone battery before powering it off, If you know you want to power off you smartphone, hold the power off key and that’s all. Even if you want to restart it which suppose not to be all the time, don’t just remove the battery like that,  firstly power it off before removing the battery.

With these few steps, your smartphone will last longer than you think and also enjoy it.

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