Jul 9, 2016

How I Turned My LAPTOP Into an Hotspot Machine[Share Your Modem connection with any Mobile/Laptop Device]

How I Turned My LAPTOP Into an  Hotspot Machine[Share Your PC connection with any Mobile/Laptop Device]

So lets say you have a high data bundle and you are using a modem/broadband connection on your Desktop PC/Laptop and you wanna share your internet connection with your friends and family. How can you do that without downloading bogus apps which will in turn consume your RAM? Well the answer is UC browser. 

UC browser comes with a wonderful feature called Virtual WiFi. The Virtual WiFi option enable users to turn their pc/laptop into a hotspot machine whereby users can then share their internet connection with other device which has WiFi. To enjoy this wonderful feature, Download the latest version of  PC UC Browser HERE and install. After installation, just make sure you are connected to the internet. then at the menu bar you are gonna see a Hotspot icon just like the below image.

ucweb wifi hotspot logo

Click on it and hit the ON button. wait till it turns green just like the below shot. once that has been done, viola! your internet connection has been shared and nearby device can now connect to your PC by switching on their WiFi. less i forget, the hotspot gives you a password automatically which can then be changed at the settings tab of the Virtual WiFi.

ucweb wifi hotspot sharing

ucweb wifi hotspot sharing connected

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