Jul 19, 2016

Some Facts About Whatsapp Which You Don’t Know!!

Let me be frank with you, Whatsapp is the most downloaded IM with end-to-end encryption. Most people can not do without opening there Whatsapp  a day, previously here, I told that Whatsapp was declared as the winner among any other app all over the world.
Despite our strong usage of Whatsapp, there are still some facts most people don’t really know about Whatsapp  which am going to tell you today and am sure you will be surprised when you see them.


==They Were Only 5 People Who Made Whatsapp Reaching More Than Millions Of People: As at last year, I was surprised when I say the number of people who downloaded Whatsapp, I can proudly tell you that up to 1 billion people downloaded whatsapp as at last year. Don’t forget, only 5 people made it possible.

==Whatsapp Can Be Used To Compress Videos Or Images: I personally usually do this whenever am running out of phone and SD card storage, I will search for the video or image which as high quality with high byte or mega byte… I will upload it as my Whatsapp DP, then I will go back to delete the previous one and come back to save the picture on my Whatsapp DP… Don’t you noticed that whenever your friend on your Whatspp  list send you the same video on your phone, when you check the details, you will notice that one video megabyte is more higher than the other one, It not magic, It”s Whatsaap video.

==The Company Co-Founders Were  Formally Rejected By Facebook And Twitter:  In 2009, The co-founders (Jan Koum and Brian Acton) were rejected during Facebook And Twitter Interview, Now, they are the ones who brought out the largest app in the world.

==You Can send Message With The Use Of Browser: I know you will be surprised that how, Ok, Just type this in your browser if you have Whatsapp installed on your phone “whatsapp://send?text=HELLO", It will open Whatsapp then ask you to choose a contact to send the message to. You can customise the message by replacing the word "HELLO" with whatever message you wish to send

==Custom Whatssapp Notifications Can Be Set For Any Contact Or Group:  I know most of us uses one type of alert for all the contact in our phone but some of us will like to use different alert for different cntact but we don’t know that it’s possible. Now that you have read this, just note that it’s possible to set different alert for different contact either the way it ring, vibrate or any other alert.

==You Can Know The Exact Time You Message Was Read:  We just know that after sending message, if it has been delivered, it’s going to show something like this        , if it’s has been read, The mark will change to  blue but you don’t really know the exact time it was read, if you want to know that, Hold on any particular message and choose 'Info'. You’ll see when it was read.

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