Aug 3, 2016

How To Enjoy Zenith Bank free Wi-Fi internet access without Zenith Account Number

Recently,  Zenith Bank launched their free Wi-Fi Internet access in their various branches for their existing customers which allows them  enjoy free unlimited Internet access and downloading without any restrictions and penny. In case you missed the post I wrote on that earlier on you can check the below post on Zenith's bank recent free Wi-Fi recent launch

If you can recall on our previous post above, you will remember that I said this free Wi-Fi Internet access from Zenith Bank is only eligible to Account Holder of  Zenith Bank as you will be using your account number to login. 

But what if you are not banking With Zenith Bank, and you leave closer to a zenith bank branch supporting the free Wi-Fi connection? All you have to do is follow the below guide on; 

✅    Whenever you are close to a Zenith Bank branch with free Wi-Fi Internet access.

✅    Turn ON your Mobile Data and open your UC Browser (or Google Chrome Browser).

✅    Locate the file you want to download and allow the download to start and reads for           a bit.

✅    After that, pause your download and turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to the Zenith              Bank free Wi-Fi Internet access.

✅    Then resume your download and you will see how it will connect and start downloading within a twinkle of an eye. 

But if you don't like that, you can run a google search on Nigerian ebook sellers page for their bank details. Some of those ebook sellers mostly uses GTBank and or Zenith bank. So you can easily copy their bank account number and use as your password.
You can use the below free Zenith bank account number.

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