Aug 4, 2016

Introducing; The Ovrcharge Levitating Wireless Charger

Day by day the Tech World just keep on growing with new and fascinating innovation. We have all heard of wireless chargers before, so it ain't going to be a big news again, but what some of you may not know is that it's been made by "OvRcharge" and now they are here with a brand new designing, it has its own uniqueness which is "Levitating", while the phone is still charging. 
Levitating wireless charger

The creators of this unique wireless charger made some fundamental principles on how it works; 

To achieve altitude and be able to charge wirelessly, the phone requires a special case that consists of two main parts, electricity receiver from the base and a Magnet to hold its position mid-air. So we design ultra thin case to not only protects your investment but to go some levels and also powers it up all at the same time. This case has a magnet that will help it to levitate & it also has an induction receiver for charging without cables.” 

The question that might be running through your mind is that "Is it available now?"  No. The Levitating wireless charger is Kickstarter project for now, that is still being made. So keep calm and we would keep you guys updated.

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