Aug 6, 2016

MTN To Start Rollout Trial On Its 4G LTE

This trial is really OK, we will all benefit from this.  I have make research on 4G LTE and I noticed that it’s a very fast internet service . According to the Press, MTN Nigeria’s subsidiary , Visafone has embark to run a test on 4G LTE which is its fourth generation  long term evolution .

MTN users have been waiting this newly released trial, they really want to test the speed of this 4G LTE because we have been shouting and shouting that 4G LTE service is fantastic so now, they are awaiting this but for now, MTN claims that the test-run will be available to current Vistafone subscribers that have been provisioned on the 800 MHz band.  

They also made some statements which goes thus,

“When we roll-out fully, especially with our 2.6 GHz spectrum, the launch will help to enhance customer experience for our over 60 million subscribers, while ensuring greater coverage, access, affordability and ultimately a smart lifestyle for everyone,”

For now, its already live in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan, Now, if you migrate from Visafone CDMA network to MTN, you should have an active 4G

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