Sep 15, 2016

How To Install & Use XPrivacy Module With Xposed Framework

recently I published a post on how to add text to your android status bar using Xposed Framework.  Today i will show you how you can also Install Xprivacy app in your Rooted Android Mobile Phone with Xposed Framework & how to use it. Some of you may be unfamiliar with xposed framework and  Xprivacy Xposed Module app, don't worry this guide will walk you through on how to setup xposed framework and module and how to install and use the Xprivacy Xposed module. Xprivacy app is a very good app every android user should have. The app is currently Working fine on Kitkat smartphones without any issues. This will also work on Lollipop ROM but might not work properly on it.

What the hell  is Xprivacy?

XPrivacy is an Android app, which allows you to Hide your Mobile’s Information from any app. As you know, any app you install on your android phone takes all of your data like Android Id, IMEI, Gmail id, Ip Address etc. So they will secretly store all of your information on their servers which is not good for our privacy. So for Snoofing our device information, & Sending of fake or disallow other party apps from taking our info and sending it to their server without our consent, Its advisable we have Xprivacy installed on our android smart phone so that the app can do the job for us by protecting us from those app sharing our phone info with third parties. This app is really useful for carders. So this is the very good application, which you can use on your Android Mobile Phone without encountering any issues at all as there are lots of apps which can do the same job out there but none of them can be compared with Xprivacy. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Xprivacy app including step by step gude on how to get it running successfully on our android smartphone device.

Benefits of Xprivacy app

  • Totally Free to Use, No Payment Need
  • Works with any app
  • Simple to use & fully working
  • Snoof IMEI, Android id, GUID in any app, without changing original android values.
  • & Much more features…

Basic Requirements Needed before Using / Installing Xprivacy + Xposed app

  • Xposed Framework app – Download ( Kitkat version ) ( Lollipop Version ) . Download Xposed framework according to your Rooted Mobile Phone’s Android version.
  • Xprivacy app – Download
  • Any custom recovery like cwm , twrp – For Android Lollipop mobile phones only, no need for jelly bean or kitkat devices.
  • Rooted Android Mobile Phone. Don’t know how to root your Phone?? Follow this Guide on – How to Root Android Phone without Pc.

How to install Xposed Framework on Kitkat

  • Download Xposed Framework (Kitkat version)
  • After Downloading it Successfully, Install Xposed Framework on your Android Mobile Phone, Now Open it.
  • You will be Shown  Some Options, Like Framework, Modules, Downloads Etc
  • Just Click on “Framework” & After that, Goto “Install/Update” & Click on it

  • It will ask for Root permissions, click on Grant permissions, & proceed to Restart your Phone. 
  • Note – In other to use  Xprivacy app, Xposed Framework is required. So don’t skip any steps else Xprivacy won't work for you.
    Meanwhile, xposed framework doesn't  work on some android mobile phones. E.g phones like gionee mobile phone etc. root is required in other to use xposed framework app, xposed framework without root will not work at any condition.

How to install Xposed Installer on Lollipop 5.0 / 5.1

  • Just Download Xposed framework of lollipop & Xposed Installer Zip file according to your mobile phone from this link ( Lollipop Version ) 
  • After downloading it successfully ,install Xposed framework on your phone & Open it. you will see that xposed is not active
  • Now boot into recovery mode, & flash xposed zip file, which you downloaded from above steps(custom recovery like TWRP&CWM is needed to flash the file). So if you are using lollipop rom, kindly leave a reply in the coment with your phone model and maker so that we can guide you on how to install the custom recovery meant for your phone.
  • Now After flashing the files successfully , Reboot your Phone & you are done.

How to Install Xprivacy App in your Rooted Android Phone

  • Install Xprivacy app & Open Xposed Framework app
  • Goto Modules & Tick on Xprivacy app

  • Now, Just Restart Your Phone again to start using Xposed + Xprivacy app in your Rooted Android Phone.

How to Use Xprivacy App

  • After Successfully Installing Xprivacy app on your Android Mobile Phone Now Open Xprivacy app
  • It will load the list of total installed applications on your mobile phone.
  • click on any app you wish to snoof from the list of available installed app on your phone.  
  • After clicking on the app and it has opened, Click on Anything you which  to snoof/protect from leakage by the app like location, identification, phone (IMEI)  etc....
  • Then Goto settings & Click on “Randomize Data” Button & Click on Save Button.
  • Xprivacy has lots of  features which you can use according to your convenience. So feel free to play around the app.

If you encounter any difficulties using or setting up this app, kindly leave a comment and we will be glad to assist you. Thanks.

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