Sep 1, 2016

How To Retrieve Your MTN SIM Using Your Mobile Phone(MTN SIM SWAP)

I know you will be wondering that how is it possible to use your mobile phone to retrieve you stolen/lost sim card, don’t be wondering, it possible, all you need is your MTN security number and MTN self care app on your java phone, if you don’t have a security number, contact the MTN customer care (when your sim card is not lost) and make sure you remember the security number anytime anyday.

Now let’s go straight to the point..

How To Retrieve Your MTN SIM Using Your Mobile Phone

>>First of all, Download  mtn self care android app

>>After you are done with downloading, input your MTN security number which is 16 digits. 12 digit is the customer ID and the remaining 4 digits is the security key E.G 000012347657 and 4 digit security key

>> When you are successfully logged in, you will see a welcome with "Mr your name". just scroll to SIM SWAP and click on it, you will see two options like this, the first one is submit sim swap request and the second one is to track your sim swap progress. Just click on the first one ”SIM SWAP” so proceed by filling your detail, it will also ask for customer ID and security Key, fill that also. While filling your customer ID, remove all the first zeros(either 5 zeros or 4 zeros), the rest number will be your exact customer id.

>> After you fill everything, then click on finish, you will see the TRANSACTION ID NUMBER, write it down (compulsory) and go back to SIM SWAP, you will see where you will input the TRANSACTION ID NUMBER, just input and click ok

>> If you see a message like SUCCESS, then your sim swap has been completed, you can go ahead and use the new sim immediately. NOTE: The NEW MTN SIM you want to swap with should be in the phone you are using to do this

You can use your friends or family members phone to download the mtn self care app or go to mtn web self service website to get this done as an alternative if you can't find any one with java phone or android smart phone

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