Sep 9, 2016

How To Share Apk/Zip/Pdf Files Through Whatsapp App With Friends

Sometimes when we meet individuals online and need to share some apk files, all we do is upload it on file sharing site which after that we come back to provide users with the download link. What if we are on whatsapp?? how do we go about that without visiting any file sharing site?? Well the below tutorial covers the procedure to transfer/share files and apps on whatsapp directly without visiting any file sharing site like dropbox, datafilehost e.t.c. So let's get started

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How To Send/share files & Apk files Directly on Whatsapp

=>The first thing to do is to locate the apk/zip/pdf file you want to send via whatsapp in your file manager

=>Now the trick you need to apply is after locating the file you want to send rename the apk file from .apk to .doc, ie lets say you wanna send Mobileuncle.apk on whatsapp/whatsapp group, just rename it to mobileuncle.doc. Do this for every other file extension such as .zip,.pdf e.t.c

=>Now come back to whatsapp and click the person or group you want to share this file to and at the top right hand side of your whatsapp click on share and select the documents, inside the documents highlight the app you just rename to (.doc) and send it.

=>Now tell the receiving body to rename it back to .apk and install,so simple as that.

you have successfully transferred your apk app to someone on whatsapp without much stress. If you have any question, kindly leave a comment below.

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