Nov 30, 2016

How To Avoid Ban, Suspension And Account Block In MMM

Firstly, what is Moratorium? Moratoriumis when there is suspension of a specific activity  until future events warrant a removal of the issue regarding the activity have been resolved, now let’s move on..MMM has put in place some measures that could warrant moratorium not just for the sake of it but as a means to ensure sustainability and high security measures to protect your personal office.

Check Out Moratorium Rules:  When you abide by these rules, you will be able to avoid ban, suspension and account block in MMM

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>> Change of password: 5 days moratorium

>> Editing of account details or addition of other banks or btc wallet: 14 days

>> Delete account without CRO consent 14 days moratorium

>> Duplicate bank account: 14 days or more

When your PO would run as normal but you won't be paired to get help or provide help as immediate as possible if u have violated any of these rules. Therefore it is advice able not to tamper with any of these 14 days before your get help as to avoid delay. Another tip is to login to your PO as often as possible not just for sight-seeing but to look around and notice if any changes has been made. When you login to your PO, it shouldn't be only your mavros you check but also the account section and My Page.

Now, Once your donations are green,30% and ready for withdrawal, it is advisable to withdraw immediately because hackers are more liable to hack into accounts with mavros ready for  withdrawal and if you don’t login to your PO as often as possible your details can be changed and they GH on your behalf because it is assumed you don't need the money.  That’s pretty simple, so abide by these rules above to avoid ban, suspension and account block in MMM. 

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