Nov 27, 2016

Trump's Emergence as The New USA President--a Blessing in Disguise to crypto currency Investors

Its not news anymore that trump has been elected as the new United State president. When the news broke out confirming Trump's victory, so many people were angry including myself. Most of us were solidly behind Clinton, but at the end we were shocked when the outcome of the election came out.

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But Wait!... Do you know that Trump emergence as the new United State President could be a blessing in disguise to most of us who has invested in different Crypto currency??? Oh! you don't know what a crypto currency is?? check my previous post on the history of bitcoin and why you should't miss out on other fast rising crypto currency. You can also check out the new fast rising currency going vial on the web called thebillion coin and my verdict on it. Lastly check out the reason why you shouldn't miss out on swisscoin and also get free 100coin by just filling a simple form.

How Can Trump's emergence as the new United State president be a blessing in disguise to us??
You all are aware that Donald Trump is a successful business man and because of his love for the Americans, he came up with a mission of rebuilding the United State of America by coming up with a new crypto currency called "TRUMPCOIN".

TrumpCoin has been tagged as the next bitcoin and the future of campaign financing. Within few month of operation, more than four top exchanges has started accepting trumpcoin.

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