Nov 22, 2016

You won't believe this-The free BITCOIN Faucet with a difference [automatic satoshi withdrawal every 5min]

Hello guys, recently I promised my facebook friends a wonder bitcoin faucet website which is the place to earn free satoshi every 5minute. Why is this site the best, well this site is the best because it allows you to earn bitcoin even when you are on your bed sleeping with your phone and laptop turned on and withdrawal is automatic. you don't need to stay on the page to claim satoshi except you have enough time to spare. This wonderful site compile the total satoshi you have earned within 24hrs and send to your bitcoin wallet address at the end of every blessed day automatically.

So lets get started.
STEP1: Create a new Bitcoin wallet. we are gonna use XAPO bitcoin wallet. The reason why I choose to use Xapoo is because, when you use XAPO bitcoin wallet, your earnins are automatically sent to your wallet adress immediately but when you use other bitcoin wallet service, then you have to wait for a week to claim the satoshi you've earned. so that's why I choose to use Xapo bitcoin wallet. to register for XAPO bitcoin wallet click >>>>>HERE

STEP2: Visit this wonderful bitcon faucet called moonbitcoin by clicking HERE. One you are on moonbitcoin website, scroll down and input your xapo email or wallet address.

After doing that, you can now start claiming free satoshi every 5 minute or close your browser while the site do the transfer itself every 24hrs. you can test if the site is real or not by claiming the small amount of satoshi you are being given after setting up your moonbitcoin account then go back to your xapo wallet to confirm if the satoshi has been sent to you.

If you have any other bitcoin faucet websit that pays automatically and imediately like moonbitcoin, kind make use of the comment box.

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  1. Did it der say I have to wait till Saturdays and Sundays to cash out to my xaapo acct

  2. do I have to wait for Saturday or sunday before I can see the records on xapo??????......because I just open an account and I have been claiming for the pass 1hr and I haven't seen any activity or records on my xapo


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  4. Contact me for affordable TBC 08137379290 Dorcas