Dec 17, 2016

15 MMM United Common Questions and Answers You Should Know

Are you ready to part ways with poverty and up your levels? Millions of people have already decided to do so and are now participating in MMM United upon seeing it’s power to liberate them from the shackles of poverty created by the world economic system. I have taken some time to provide answers to some of the numerous questions about MMM United. Whether those questions and comments are part of the ongoing media onslaught against MMM United or they are from a position of ignorance, I think reading through the answers I provide below will dispel any apprehension and doubts, whether unfounded or genuine.

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1.     What is MMM United?

MMM United is the MMM community at an international level where you deal with other participants from around the globe. It is still a community of people from different nations with the same objective, which is mainly to liberate each other from world financial system that is designed to extort the less privileged. MMM United is purely a voluntary informal association; that is why it can be described as a Financial Social Network. It functions as the Worldwide Mutual Aid Fund. While we are not concerned with a designation, some participants have described it as the World People’s Bank. This is because millions of people worldwide in MMM United operate a financial system that runs counter to the conventional banking system. They willingly contribute little (not critical) funds for other members to use and get them back when they need it, rather than keeping such fund in a bank.

2.     Is MMM United a Registered Company?

No. MMM United is not registered as a business enterprise in any of the countries where it operates. It does not have an office address or a company bank account. MMM United does not enter into a contract with anyone, neither does it render any financial services. It does not have the characteristics of business organizations, no employee or employer. MMM United does not collect money from anybody and does not give anybody anything. It has an ideology guiding its operation. That is, facilitating participants’ convenient and voluntary offering of financial help to one another. To achieve this, it makes use of the internet sites—official and private—to keep the record of activities among members.

3.     Is MMM United a Kind of Ponzi Scheme?

MMM United is not a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. No one is expected to get rich quick in MMM United. But each participant has access to funding in proportion to how much help he has provided to the community. This is different from a pyramid scheme where money from the later participants is used to pay those who have been in the scheme earlier. Such get-rich-quick scheme is a scam; they are not reinvesting any money. From that perspective, we can say MMM United is not Ponzi scheme. It is a project of redistributing of money among participants whereby each one gets more help than he gives by adding more members to the community. Of course, it employs instruments of pyramidal distribution of funds, but it makes no promises of quick riches. Unlike the pyramid schemes, MMM United will not dissolve if participants’ flow reduces or ceases outrightly, only the method of distribution will be adjusted.

4.     Is MMM United a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) System?

No. MMM United is not an MLM in these two senses. Firstly, MLMs have products that they market, but there are no goods and services to be sold by the MMM United. Secondly, participants in the MLM are bound to bring in new participants to the company to receive bonuses. But in MMM United, you will still get the help you need even without introducing new participants. So the whole idea of MMM United is that of giving and receiving money on a mutual basis, not on the basis of sales or introduction of new members. Money is the tool here, not a product. However, you are encouraged to invite others to the community, though it is not a must to get help

5.     What Is the Objective of MMM United?

The objective of MMM United is to encourage people regardless of the background or leanings to donate money to each other unconditionally. This is quite different from other methods of donation. In MMM United, people do not have to be in financial crises before they can be helped. Giving and receiving help in MMM United is reciprocal. One that receives help today should have the capacity to give help.

6.     Who Can Participate in MMM United?

Anyone above 18 can participate There is no discrimination as to who can join the MM Community. The community does not deal with members on the basis of age, social status, religious, ethnic or political background. One thing that encourages everyone’s participation is that MMM United stands against the principle of “divide and conquer.” The principle is that of give and take and that is what is expanding the membership of MMM United worldwide by the day. It is simply a combination of social network and financial association. In as much as membership of a social network is open. In the same vein, the membership of MMM United is open to all and sundry who desire to act according to the rules of the community.

7.     Can I Make Profit in MMM United?

It should be noted from the onset that the MMM United is not a profit-making organization. It is not an economic project where money is earned. It is granted in form of help. MMM United never guarantees anyone that he will get more help than he gives, though it happens repeatedly and that’s one of the main attractions. It is made possible by the geometric increase in the number of members as they may be able to give you higher assistance. That is why you get 100% increase in the amount of help you render in MMM United within a month. In communities like these where money is being circulated, external factors and news speculations may affect the trend. So there may be more requests for help than requests to give help. MMM United has devised means of controlling such a surge such that all participants will have his or her requests granted eventually. So don’t focus on making profit (getting more help than you give) as this breeds corruption. The highly effective strategy of participation in MMM is regular donations of small money for a while and regular request for help.

8.     Is It Possible to Lose Money in MMM United?

It is not possible to lose your money in MMM United since it is not a bank or an investment company. The fund you donate is not invested in any businesses with its attendant risks and gains. You have given your money as a gift and even if you don’t expect any help, you have not lost anything. However, it always plays out that you will always get help because the community is organized in such a way that everyone is encouraged and willing to give help. Also, since the number of MMM United keeps growing, anyone that regularly gives help will always get help. So strictly speaking, no one stands any chance of losing his or her money

9.     How Does MMM United Differ From Bitcoin, Litecoin and Others?

Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto-currencies are speculative tools. They are quite different from the standard unit of currency in MMM communities which is “mavro.” It is your number of mavro that shows the amount of help you have provided and the amount of help you are entitled to get. But crypto-currencies are bought through exchange market, and market forces of demand and supply affect their rate. MMM United’s mavro does not fluctuate. MMM United does not require a complex system of dealing in crypto-currencies. You don’t have to understand stock market and consult a stock broker as if you are buying and selling Bitcoin or Litecoin. You buy or sell mavro by simply log in to your personal office and state if you want to give help (buy mavro) or get help (sell mavro). The system determines who you give help to or who gives you help. Of course, a Bitcoin wallet is relevant in MMM United community.

10.      What is MMM United Personal Office?

Personal Office (PO) is your own office which you will create on the official site of MMM. That is where all your operation in the community emanates from as if you are operating from an offline material office. Upon your registration in the MMM United, a PO is created for you from where you will be given information regarding memberships. There you will also see information about your referral(s). Your referral link is also found in your PO which you will copy and post anywhere online for your potential referral(s) to use. From, your PO, you can and will indicate if and when you want to provide help, get help and the amount. It is from your PO that you will also enter and edit your personal contact, register another participant, manage another participant’s PO and get consultant’s support. You will from there also forge a relationship with the assistance recipients and providers.

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Your PO has different sections. The most frequently visited of them is the Dashboard where you will find the gist of all your operation. Another section is the “Mavro” that hints you about the current status of your account and how soon the financial worth can reach a certain level. We also have the “Account” section in your PO. You must pay rapt attention to this section in order that there would not be any hitches in the calculation of your funds and in the confirmation of help. Your Personal Office may be locked or blocked if you violate any of the rules.

11.     How Can I Provide Help (Donate Money)?

When you desire to provide help, you will indicate from your PO. You will get an order to pay to the participant you are to give the help to and you will be given the details of the person’s particular and amount. You must make the transfer within 36 hours. As soon as the help is confirmed by the recipient, you mavros begin to grow.

12.      What Currencies Can I Use to Provide Help?

The MMM United use electronic payments system (employing Perfect Money and Bitcoin) to effect the transfer of fund among member. But the currency in which you provide or get help is the US dollars.

13.      How Can I Get Help (Receive Money)?

Since MMM United is focused on giving, you must have given help (acquire mavro) before you can receive it. When you desire to get help, you will indicate your withdrawal request from your PO. You can decide to request all the money available on your mavro or withdraw a part it. In your PO, you will indicate the means of obtaining the fund (either through Perfect Money or through Bitcoin). The system will generate in one hour an order containing the particulars of the participant that will provide the help for you and the amount itself. The participant should normally transfer the money within 36 hours or another order is generated in case of failure. A confirmation should be made that the help has been provided in the spirit of the international community. You have effectively sold your mavro to the tune of the amount of help you got.

14.      Who Are 10th, 100th, 1k Managers?

MMM united managers (or guiders) are the more experienced and well-informed members of the Community. They are to consult for and provide the technical assistant for the participants in their teams. They are to help the members of their teams to feel confident in the community. The number of participants in a manager’s team (invited by him or his “descendants”) determine his conditional hierarchical status, his ranking as a 10th, a 100th, a 1k manager. Please note that any manager does not have the right to demand that the money be transferred to his account or any other account. The system generates such an order. Of course, the managers benefit from the activities of the participants in their structure in a multi-level system of bonuses.

15.      How Can I Help the MMM United Community?

All can help the community by making donations or inviting new participants. Inviting new participants does not mean enticing them. Convincing them to join the community requires tactfulness, patience, gentleness in explaining the aims and objective of the community to the prospects. Don’t use seductive languages like “fast money,” “get rich quick.” But let them see the idea of MMM United as an alternative, innovation and the truth. Create different invites and make proficient use of online resources. Seminars and webinars also provide an opportunity to articulate the MMM United concepts. Just think of what you can do it such that it will positively project your community.

The questions that may come to mind regarding this noble life changer is possibly inexhaustible. If you still have other questions bothering on joining and operation of MMM United, do not hesitate to ask. But I am sure the ones addressed here should dispel your doubts and help you dismiss malicious comments. So what is still holding you back?

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