Jan 9, 2018

How To Use Multiple Accounts On Telegram

Be expecting incredible things this year 2018... am still writing a content i want to publish which will so amaze you but before that, this telegram new feature is also amazing though I personally.. have been expecting this knd of feature from Telegram and finally, we can see it's now live. Maybe I should say that am the one that makes Telegram bring out this feature LOL.... because most times I message their support about this kind of feature and i really love the way they respond, it shows they care for their users.

This of feature is one of the latest surprises from Telegram to reinforce the festive mood… by ushering in multiple account creation in this year.
To get this multiple account feature also on your device, the latest version Telegram 4.7 gives you the ability to create multiple accounts on android. It supports up to three accounts with different phone numbers. You can quickly switch between them on the side menu, but you'll get notifications for all of them regardless of which one's active.

Well, for the Apple users, this feature is not yet live on iOS but don't worry, Telegram has a better feature for you. Tegram is finally giving you a way to change what your app looks like under the new Appearance setting. The iOS version now has several themes to choose from, including two dark "night time" themes and a "day" theme with colors you can tweak.

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I know you maybe complaining that how is theme related to multiple account or can we compare theme to multiple account but don't worry..something might be coming for iOS users which we can’t guess at this moment, I know Telegram company is working to satisfy iOS users also.

Let me just give you few steps on how to use multiple account on Telegram

How To Set Up and Use Multiple Accounts On Telegram

>>Download and install the Latest Telegram app v4.7

>>Tap on the hamburger menu on the top left. Here, tap on the arrow button next to your name.

>>Click on “Add Account” button. Now, enter your secondary number and hit the check mark button at the top right.

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>>Just wait for the phone to recognize your OTP or manually enter it. On the next page enter your name and hit the check mark button.

>>To switch between the accounts, just tap on the hamburger menu and select the account you want to choose.
That's all... Very easy.

NOTE: Telegram allows you to use only three different accounts for now. Also, the feature is currently available only for Android devices.

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