Jul 27, 2014

How To Get Data At A More Cheaper Rate On MTN

Since our dear MTN has refused to give us more value for our money in terms of good DATA PLAN for our various data consuming devices, we are left with no other option but to search for alternatives.

Modest Data Plan is our latest alternative. With data bundles ranging from 250mb and above which is not too good, but far better than what our dear MTN has to offer.

Below are the cheap plans offered by Modest Data Plan which you can choose from:

1. 250MB - FOR N500
2. 500MB - FOR N900
3. 700MB - FOR N1,200
4. 1GB - FOR N1,500

Works on Android, Tablets, Laptops, java phone, etc excluding blackberry.

To opt into any one of the above plans click here

Everyday, different resellers are joining the queue in providing cheap data plans to data consumers, taking their own share of the market, making it competitive and thereby bringing about drop in price affordable & favorable to us all. Below is the current change in prices from different resellers and there contacts details:

  1. 250MB For N350 Airtime N400
  2. 500MB For N650 Airtime N700
  3. 750MB For N900 Airtime N950
  4. 1GB For N1100
  5. 1.5GB For N1600
For more info click here. To opt for any of this, contact them on Whatsapp: 08130268295, BBM: 7EF7A3A0 or call the above number.

  1. 250MB For N400
  2. 500MB For N700
  3. 750MB For N950
  4. 1GB For N1200
  5. 2GB For N2000
For more info click here. To opt for any of this, contact them, call or text 07067041115

Due to restrictions from Etisalat and MTN on Cheap data plans / SME plans, 250MB, 500MB, and 750MB data plans are no longer available but from 1GB upward with a little difference in Price. You can still buy from the above resellers, but below are the changes in price.

1GB Now N1200
2GB Now N2400

For more use the means above to contact each Reseller.

See: The Cheapest Etisalat SME Data Ever - Reseller's Number Included  

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  1. D mtn 500mb for #900 stil available?

    1. Not really. Due to an unfavorable new policy from both MTN and Etisalat, 500mb would no longer be available. But from 1GB above.