Nov 9, 2014

Browse With Airtel N100 Unlimited Whatsapp Plan For 1 Month

As the day goes by Airtel indeed more and more, readily prove to be the best Telecommunication company in Nigeria, in terms of data.

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Yesterday while out making little touches to my hair in preparation of today's Church activities(in case you don't already know, its God 1st before every other thing lol). I over head a small boy outside making a phone call asking whoever the receiver was, to load the recharge card, dial *948# and start browsing. As simple as that. I was like What!!! This guys know about this as well?

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That made me know that a large community out there is indeed benefiting positively in the hard work I and my colleagues in this niche passing through in getting and passing this information's across.

This Airtel Unlimited Whatsapp plan, is actually not a tweak. Its just there and working since on all app. I personally chose not to talk about it because at some point its fast and the next minute it slow or doesn't connect at all. But I heard its now as smooth as Muritala Mohammed Airport run way.

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How Do I Activate And Use This Plan To Browse
It simple just like the guy said on his phone conversation. Just load N100 on your sim, dial *948#. That's all. And start surfing.

It works on your opera mini, Ucweb, One browser, and all other apps especially Whatsapp. Enjoy it till it gets blocked Lol.

I will be glad to here your testimonies. Keep them coming. Any problem? Let's fix it. Don't understand? I can explain better. Just Keep them coming!

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