Nov 30, 2014

How To Block Spam Msgs & Calls In All Mobile Platform

This is not funny at all. As nobody is left out. We are all victims to the spam messages sent by Nigerian telecommunication Networks; MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel just name. They even goto the extent of calling with different numbers you and when you eventually pick up you hear music or a ladies voice trying to advertise one or two products of theirs.

The worst of it all is that now not just the telecommunication companies send this spam messages. Other individuals who own SMS Short Codes like 5021, 5030, 5031, 33240 just to name a few rely on this spam messages to make money once you reply to such messages. See more of this numbers at the buttom of this post

I wouldn't want to say much. You all know how we Nigerians think. Since there is a possibility of making money by sending this spam messages, you don't expect it to end any time soon. So its your duty to cut your phone off from it. And let others suffer it. At least that's the advantages of being informed. Just follow the step below for your type of phone to put an end to it;

How To Stop Unwanted Spam Messages On Android
Example of a Spam text message
You need an app called WhosCall.
==>Download and install Whoscall HERE
==>Open it up and Tap on Blocklist => Add Blocklist.
==>Finally follow the prompt.

How To Stop Unwanted Spam Calls & Text On Blackberry
==>Download Phone Warrior from Appworld HERE
This app
==>Blocks both unwanted text messages and calls.
==>Offers callers ID look up
==>Blocks unknown numbers
==>Auto detects spam messages / calls and block them.

How To Stop Unwanted Spam Calls & SMS On iPhone
As usual IOs users will have to let out some few boxes to get what others enjoy for free. To block unwanted messages and calls on Iphone you need an App called iBlackList. But its not free. Get iBlackList HERE

But if your iPhone is running iOS 7 pls follow the instruction HERE to block unwanted calls and text on your phone. 

How To Stop Unwanted Calls & SMS On Windows Phone
If you use a Windows Phone 8.1 you can easily bar calls and text from a particular number. Just
==>Goto System=> Settings
==>Scroll down and select Call+SMS Filter
==>Agree with the service terms and turn it ON 
Now each time a number you wish to block calls you, go to your call history, tap and hold that number and select Block Number from the pop up menu. Alternatively you can download Call+SMS Filter HERE

How To Stop Spam Calls & Text On Symbian/Java Phones
For symbian, download NetQin Mobile Security 5.0 and for java there is really no much option to choose from other than to text STOP to 33111 to bar MTN from sending spam messages to you.

Having finished that, here are more lists of the numbers used in sending this spam messages and calls. Pls use the comment box to include yours if not included here.

SMS: 135, 5020, 5021, 5030, 5031, 5040, 54884,34001,30020,33334, 33555, 33333, 3036, 33240, 38328, 38051, 039922225, 38326, Isa43V18&19, FOOTBALL, Fotball, JOBS, 

CALLS: 039922225, 07080604009, 07080604010, 07080604003, 07080604007, 07080604002, 07080604005, 07080604008,07040604001, 8050080600, 8050180777

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  1. That 5021, 5031 is really a pain in the ass. Busted at last!

    1. That is Nigeria for you.
      Glad to be of help to you.

  2. Oh god Google is God. Thank you for this post Airtel want kill me with calls. I downloaded the Who's call from appsapk and followed your instructions. your link to download who's call is not click able.

    1. Am happy google brought you here.
      Thank you for the correction, it actually a typo. And ive just put that in place.

      It was nice having you here.

  3. Thanks for sharing this tweak on how to block spam text and calls on MTN.

  4. Wow, I have been looking for this code, thanks for helping out

  5. This guide also introduces methods to block text messages from iPhone.

  6. Yuppy finally got it, thanks for sharing