Dec 6, 2014

Kingroot: Root Your Stubborn Android Easily Without PC

Finally, root your stubborn Android device with kingroot. No PC required. If Root is holding you from enjoying Glo bis and Etisalat 1.5GB do that now. Apart from framatroot that helps in rooting most Android Phones without PC, kingroot has been proven to successfully root some of the most difficult to root Android devices.

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List Of Android Phones Rooted By Kingroot
Kingroot can be used in rooting Tecno F7, Tecno Phantom Z (A7), Tecno M3, Gionee P2, Wiko goa Android etc. See full list Here

How To Root Your Android With Kingroot
The only downside about this App is that for now, the app only comes written in Chinese language. But no need to worry am an expert in interpreting Chinese LOL.

==>Download and Install Kingroot Apk App Here
kingroot app
==>Open it and wait for all checks to be completed.
kingroot root button
==>Hit the large green button you see with visible Root feature to big in rooting
kingroot root success
==>Wait for rooting to complete. You can confirm this when the large green button with a success symbol.
==>Finally tap the blue button with Chinese writings and Reboot your device. And thats it.

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  1. Hi Sir David,
    Sure kingroot is a niice one as per your discription, even without a PC one is able to root their android devices.

    This will surely be of help to every android user who hasn't rooted their android phone.
    Thanls for sharing.

    1. Thank you Larry.
      It was nice having you here. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Oh thank you i just rooted my wiko goa Android with king root. Thanks man

  3. Really this worked for me
    Successful rooted in 1 minute.
    Gionee marathon M3

    1. Uwc! My friend. Enjoy your phone to the fullest.