Mar 27, 2015

Still Don't Have WhatsApp Call Features? Activate It Here!

It has been a while since WhatsApp (Mark Zuckerberg and co) added the voice call features to its latest version v2.11.561 and v2.12.14 for Android. A very good development I must commend. Very easy to activate through a voice call from the WhatsApp app of somebody whom already has his/her own activated already.

But then, some people are still finding it hard to activate after being called, while a lot others are finding it hard to locate or reach out to somebody to call them.

Now, I'll try to kill two birds with one stone by showing you how i got mine activated and also providing a platform for you to drop your number and get called for activation. Plus what to do if your call feature is not coming up after getting called.

How I Got Mine Activated

==>First of all go HERE to download the latest WhatsApp version 2.12.14
==>After downloading, I Installed, opened the App.
==>While still on the App, I reached out to a friend whom called me with his. But sadly, it didn't activate until he had to call back again the second time.
WhatsApp voice call features
Incoming call for activation
WhatsApp voice call features
Outgoing call after activation
==>After being called the second time, I imediately noticed some changes, additional features (The voice call features). See image below.
WhatsApp voice call features
Voice call features added to my whatsapp
And that was it. The call works even when you don't have a very good 3G network coverage.

==>To call, just click on the person you want to call, and tap the call button at the top right corner as seen below.
WhatsApp voice call features
Call button for making calls
Some Flaws/Things You Need To Know

==>Power button does not end the call.
==>The person you are calling must have his/her data ON to receive calls
==>In activation, missed calls don't count.
==>You are charged from your data not your airtime.
==>As for now, it does not support conference call.
==>If you try calling some on whatsapp using any phone not Android, you'll get this; Gideon is unable to receive calls
==>When a friend is still using an other version of WhatsApp, calling them with it will say; Uche needs to update the App to receive WhatsApp calls.

Now If You Have being called but still the WhatsApp voice call features is not coming up as seen in the image above, do this

==>Reboot Phone.
==>If it still doesn't work, goto Settings=> Apps=> WhatsApp=> Clear cache=> Uninstall.
==>Now reinstall WhatsApp and ask a friend to call you again.

Finally, you can drop your numbers here to get called for activation. Kindly use the comment box. And share this to alert others.

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  1. Please call 08050813081. Thanks.

    1. You need to update your Whatsapp to latest version. Follow the link above.

  2. Pls call me ... My number 08061645168

  3. Pls de features didn't appear!!! Wat can I do

  4. I can't seem to make it workkk, I have been called and I have the last whaysapp, I even cleared the cache and unistalled and re inatalled, I have been called 3 times now and nothing makes the feature start in my phone... +54 9 1160043527

    1. Which phone are you using and what version of whatsapp are you having installed including your country pls.