Dec 15, 2016

4 Effective Computer Skills Everyone Most Know

Even with the fact that more activities are now being performed via the aid of technology, understanding of the computer are something which most individuals lack and as a result its full potential is not utilized. Most of them are just content with the knowledge of browsing, receiving and sending emails and security for the computer.
Mastery of computer skills does not require you to be a genius rather it demands open-mindedness and in return, the user is afforded the benefit of computer skills. Let’s proceed

>> Word-Processing:  This is one of the most effective skill you should know in the aspect of computer.  It is important to note that word processing is not restricted to Microsoft apps but is also offered by other developers and as a result, mastery of one is a mastery of all. To understand word processing involves one thing and that is knowing the shortcuts. Knowing the shortcuts around word ensures that typing speed is increased to a fast pace and most activities can be completed within a reduced amount of time.

>> Spreadsheet:  I really love this spreadsheet because it deal with numbers most of the time in place of words. Contrary to popular opinion that spreadsheet is only about entering data into cells, it is all about getting a grasp on the intricacies of how the data works and how best to make it interpretable.
In this aspect  knowledge of formulas and functions is brought to the forefront a skill and knowing how to transfer data is critical to the final output of the sheet.

>> Computer Security:  Computer security is very important and it’s the first thing you need to install in your PC and you most know how to do that effectively. This covers internal attacks and external attacks. Internal in the sense that the computers must be protected from viruses that can be gotten from accessing infected sites or inputting a corrupted file and hard drive into the computer that prevents it from functioning properly.

>> Email handling:  We have different kinds of email such as gmail, ymail(Yahoomail), hotmail e.t.c. Electronic mail popularly referred to the fact that email has overshadowed although not replaced the old postal system of sending letters manually. The email has become the generally preferred method of sending messages because it is not only faster but also assures the sender that it will get to the intended recipient. Email handling is not only about sending and receiving emails but also taking advantage of the other functions like bulk mail, the inclusion of attachments, URL insertion, auto reply and setting up of accounts.

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