Jan 13, 2018

How To Know All Devices Ever Used To Sign-in Your Facebook Account

Anything is possible in this science age and as we all know that most smartphone users don't  like using a particular phone too long, we often change our phone once we are tired of them. These smartphones however are mostly used to access our social medias because most of these days are on social media either to chat with our friends and relatives, business talk or other things, I will like to tell you that the social media mostly used is Facebook which no one can doubt.  With us skipping devices often and logging in to Facebook with each one of them, it can be difficult to keep a track from what all devices we have logged in over the years.

Now, if you want you have logged out from all those devices from where you have ever logged in to Facebook, just follow these simple steps.


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>>Open the Facebook app and tap on the three line icon on the top corner where you find all the app settings.

>>Once you are in the section, just scroll down to 'Account Settings'

>>Tap on 'Security and login'

>> In this section, you will see a section titled 'Where you're logged in'. The section will be showing the top two devices from where you stay logged in the most. Tap on the 'See more' option below the mentioned devices.

>>Once you tap it, it will open the complete list of smartphones and laptop from where you've logged in.

>>Then you have the option to log out of select devices. However if you want to log out from all of them at once, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on 'Log out of all sessions.'


Though the smartphone process is quite the same as this laptop process

>>Open your Facebook

>>Click on small drop down icon placed besides the question mark icon on the upper right corner. It's the same section where you have the 'Log Out' option.

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>>Click on 'Settings' option, which is placed just above the log out option.

>>Click on 'Security and Login' option on the left side.

>>In this section, you will see the 'Where you're logged in' section. Click on the 'See More' option.

>>Here also you have the option to log out of select devices or all the devices at once.

That's all, pretty simple...
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