Aug 27, 2014

How To Become Eligible For Airtel 4GB For N1500 Valid For 2Months

My recent dealings with people have shown that not much of the internet surfers out there know about the existence of this Airtel 4GB for N1500 valid for 2months.

This bundle is not a tweak neither is it a cheat, but simply an Airtel plan for BlackBerry phones BIS(which also work on Android and other devices) valid on some Selected sim cards. Which is why so many people choose to ignore/shy away from this bundle as they don't know how to make their SIMs eligible for it. So as to be part of it. But not to worry I have the solution with me.

How Do I Make My Sim Card Eligible For The Airtel 4GB
To do this, we have being making use of the code *440*440# but recently realized that it takes a very long time to work or in most cases not even work at all. So the surest thing to do is this;

==> Pick up your phone and call the Airtel customer care number 111 with the Airtel sim card you wish to make eligible for the 4GB Data bundle and request to speak with an Agent. When they pick up, Tell them you are interested and want to become eligible for the Airtel Blackberry 1+1 data plan for N1500 valid for 2 month. You will be asked to provide the destination you are calling from with some other petty questions and GBAM you are done.

In two weeks just dial *440*440# to see if you are now eligible. If so recharge N1500 and dial *440*161# to subscribe.

why Does It Take So long To Process
It takes long because they pick this numbers one after the other and process. So once you show interest in it they will simply add up your number to the list and when due, they process everything at once. So be patient at least its worth it.
Good luck.

For appreciation, questions and clarifications pls make of the comment box below.

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