Aug 11, 2014

Telegram Messenger - Best Alternative To Whatsapp

Telegram is a messaging app that works exactly like whatsapp and even better than whatsapp. Available for all platform including PC. One thing I love about this messaging app is the unbeatable features embedded in it. I can bet you will never again spend one bit of your data on Whatsapp after downloading this app. Checkout the screenshot below to have a preview of what telegram looks like.

And If you are still make use of 2go chat messenger then I’ll have more reason to conclude, you are still living in the primitive era of ideology because it’s no longer in vogue  as there are now more better/professional messaging apps available to you. Whatsapp without much doubt has actually ripped 2go off its glory without any apology.

But then if you have been observative enough you sure would have noticed that of recent, Whatsapp no longer auto updates you with your instant messages until you access them by opening it up or at most living it minimized. So while surfing the internet, searching an alternative/possible solution ,I landed my fingers on this sweet Telegram App.

Why Telegram Is Better than Whatsapp

==>It is free forever compared to whatsapp
==>It has no limit for media or chat upload compared to whatsapp that has a limit of 16MB. Meaning if you want to send files of up to 2GB in size, it will deliver in minutes.
==>You can access your messages from different devices
==>No adds, no subscription fee, no expiry date unlike whatsapp that expires after a year. Which most of you android users will soon fall to once your whatsapp is a year old.
==>It’s the fastest messaging app ever.
==>It’s available for all device including small Nokia phones.
So if whatsapp has rejected your device before, opt into telegram and feel at home.
==>It also goes as far as carrying over 200 members in its group chat compared to whatsapp which is restricted to a maximum of 50 members.

Where Can I Download Telegram?

==>For Android users, download Telegram.apk here
==>For iPhone/iPad, download it here
==>For Blackberry device, opt into App world and search for “telegram” and download it or click here
==>For Window phones, download yours here
==>For Nokia/symbian phones, download it here
==>For Desktop/PC users, download Telegram for windows here

For other devices not listed here or currently not supported pls use the comment box for possible download links below.

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