Aug 3, 2014

UPDATE: Things You Need To Know About The Cheap Data Plans Posted Earlier.

Just as simple as it seems, the cheap MTN data bundles/ SME Data share bundles I posted earlier, also has its own short comings.

As we may have it I happened to stumble upon a post from luluosas a honest provider of this service on Nairaland and here was what he had to say about the service:

NOTE: His post was to long so I had to pick out the main points from it.

1. The data bundles DOES NOT carry a 30 days validity as we stated earlier .

The validity of the bit-by-bit shared data volume is tied to the 30 days validity available on the total given data volume your data sharer bought from MTN. Let's say I as a reseller, i bought my data bundle from MTN on the 20th of July, 2014, and you bought some from me today 3rd Aug, 2014, the validity will be on the 20th August, 2014, which I actually bought the data, as against 3rd, sept, 2014, which you bought yours from me.

So the thing is for you to enjoy your full 30days validity, you have to ask your provider when he or she actually bought such data.

To check your data balance dial *461*7# or text
Sharebalance to 131.

2. No multiple subscription on the same line from different resellers when you still have active data.

For those that may be thinking of extending there data validity period by buying multiple data bundles on there line, please be informed that any amount of data you purchase does not have any separate life cycle outside its mother's life cycle. So you can only have your validity period extended if your provider buys a new data plan from MTN. Also once you still have an active bundle from a particular reseller, it is impossible to make another subscription from a different reseller. So to change your current reseller probably due to price differences, you have to exhaust your old data plan before doing so.

Before you buy your next subscription from any reseller, please ask them the date they purchased their current plan . It is very very important. Also bear it in mind that the validity of the data volumes you buy from any reseller, is between 1 to 30 days, depending on the date your reseller purchased such data bundles from MTN. Happy surfing.

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