Sep 18, 2014

The Hidden Truth About The Airtel Android Data Plan

This data plan from Airtel, has been out for months now but still, there are lots of things people don't know about this Airtel Android data plans.
Airtel Android Data Plans, Price & Subscription Codes
It is actually two in number, 2GB & 4.5GB.

1. 2GB for N2000 dial *141*200#
2. 4.5GB for N3500 dial *141*450#

To check data balance dial *223#

The Hidden Truth About This Package
Here we are going to be doing a little bit of calculations to satisfy our claims. So get your calculators ready, but If you hate maths, pls go straight to the results.

Subscribing for the 4.5GB Plan, for 3500 gives you the breakdown as follows:

4500MB ÷ N3500 = 1.285MB/N (to get the amount of MB for 1naira).
Now 1.285MB/N × N1000 = 1285MB(1.2GB)

That is you get 1.2GB for N1000 which is quite cheap. Same goes for the 2GB for N2000 but this time its 1GB for N1000.

But what Airtel chose to hide from you, which is is actually written under its FAQs section of the plan is that; you browse at a much more higher rate of 150%(1.5kobo/KB instead of 1kobo/KB) when you use this plan during the day compared to night.

However, Day goes from 6am to 10pm and night from 10pm to 6am. Which most at times we all do our surfings, downloads during the day. You actually spend:
2000MB ÷ 1.5KB = 1333(1.3GB)
4500MB ÷ 1.5KB = 3000(3GB)

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Which means you end up buying:
1.3 GB For N2000 & 3GB For N3500
Dividing By 2 to Get Data Value For N1000
We get 1.3GB ÷ 2 = 0.65GB(650MB) Which to an extent is cool compared to the 375MB MTN sells for N1300, but by far less than what third party data resellers offer for N1000

After calculating that of 4.5GB which is actually 3GB, we got it to be exactly 1GB For N1000. This implies that Airtel have only succeeded in bringing in new trick not a new plan. Just to fool the average Nigerians to thinking they have something good to offer.

The above applies to all Airtel blacberry data plans as well as the newly lunched 4GB and 9GB plans. Here the 9GB when used at day, based on the calculations above is actually 6GB.

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