Sep 12, 2014

What To Do When Your Smart Phone Drops Into Water

Where you seriously rain beaten, or did you or your kid accidentally drop your phone/smart phone into water? I know how it feels. To buy a phone worth $100+ with files worth thousands and it drops/gets wet leaving you sad and short of what to do, to save the dying phone. But no need to worry its easy just relax and read carefully. Your phone will be back in full force without any effect/trace from the water.What Do I Do To Save My Wet Phone.
For small phones like the Nokia java, Symbian, and other old phones without screen touch,

1. Pull/remove the battery immediately,
2. If possible remove the case,
3. Sun dry/dry with air from fan. Put back your battery and voila. Its back to normal. But if reverse is the case,
4. Goto the nearest chemist/pharmacist shop and get a bottle of Spirit sold at N60, and with a tooth brush no longer in use, collect the spirit and brush the phone panel with it. Then repeat step "3" above.For Smart Phones
Here reverse is the case. Pls carefully follow this post line by line.

1. Remove the back cover & battery(if removable), sim, and memory card/SD card
2. Pls do not shake, charge, remove case, heat or blow air into it. To prevent the water from going deeper into the phone. Instead use vacuum cleaner to draw out water from it.
3. Use soft dry towel to dry out visible liquid on phone.
4. Now place your phone face up on a large quantity of rice. So the left over water inside can slip out.
5. Check phone from time to time. Repeating step "2" & "3" each time until you are convinced there is no water left in it.

6. Replace the sim, battery and other accessories, charge and try booting/powering it ON. what happens? Did it come on? It should.

But if it doesn't come ON this simply means the water has really gone deep into the phone. Take it to a repairer and inform him/her of the steps you have performed already. Good luck.

For questions and clarifications, vote of thanks etc pls make use of the comment box below. And pls never you, for any reason heat your phone, to dry water inside of it.

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