Oct 19, 2014

How I Make Few Hundreds Of Naira Helping People With Cheap Data Plans - SME

With the label Online Get Rich tips, one maybe wondering what it takes or what he/she can do, to make money be it online or by just tapping the buttons of your mobile phone and providing services to people in need of them.

The truth is, online money making could simply be anything you call it. So long you earn a kobo from it. And mustn't necessarily be all the junk some pros sell online.

Cheap Data Plans/SME Data share is a new method Nigerian telecommunication companies(MTN, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo) are using, in trying to make data plans cheap and affordable. By involving third party resellers who buy data cheap in bulk(Giga Bytes) and in turn sell in cuts at a very much affordable prices to the consumers.

How Do I Make Money From This Cheap Data Plans
Now the gold is, much people don't already know about this plans yet, and still go about MB sick. I won't urge you to become a reseller as there are so many things involved such as price & customer base. So all you need do is:

  1. Get the contact/Number of a consistent reseller to avoid delays. You can choose from any one listed here.
  2. Meet with your neighbors especially the Android users and tell them about the Cheap Data Plans & there prices + your own cut. You can get the prices in the link above.
  3. If they are interested, collect the money from them, get the recharge card equivalent of the data they need and send it to the Reseller + the number they want the MB to be forwarded to.
  4. Once they are credited with the Mega Byte, you should be N100 or N200 richer depending on the amount you charged.

This could go a long way in helping students. Your customer may even go out and bring his/her friends to you as well.

One Advantage of this is that is available to subscribers of all top four telecomunication companies(MTN, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo). And you can do it when ever where ever. As all you need is the recharge card and the persons number.

To help expand your customer base you may want to let go of some few cash in printing paper bills with the data plans and there various prices properly typed including your number/contact address. Or write on boards/walls, Whatsapp groups and even on Facebook walls for easy reach. Learn more about this cheap Data Plans from the link provided in step 1 above.

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  1. I love this. Thanx Uche for sharing. One would never have thought of this. With this I will never lack credit on my phone again.

    1. Wow glad you liked it. Hope it was straight enough to your understanding.

  2. I love this blog keep it up

  3. I love this blog keep it up

  4. Pls uche the link u presumed at step 1 above is not actually a link. The HERE is not clickable.

  5. I never noticed that. Thanks for the correction

  6. Bro I don't understand can you break it down for me please? Am I going to collect money from my friend and buy mb Or what please enlighten me?

    1. Its about making few boxes say #100, #200 from data resellers. All you have to do is bring customers to them. And get your own cuts finished.

      For example, data resellers currently sell 1gb for #1,200. You can collect 1300 and keep #100. Its small but with it you always have airtime on your phone depending on how many customer you get.