Oct 26, 2014

UPDATE: Eligibility + All You Need About The Airtel 4GB And 9GB 2Months Data Plans

Data, in Nigeria is one thing everybody having a smart phone/Android device in hand, a PC on desk or any data consuming device, will never be satisfied with. And our dear networks are actually doing nothing to cub/put an end to that. Except Airtel, trying on one end and at the other end are only trying to scoop off our brains, by providing us with nothing but tricky data plans. Thanks to Cheap Data/SME Data share.

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Without wasting time. Last two weeks, when the news of the introduction of Airtel 4GB & 9GB data plans valid for two months got to me, after writing about it here, I hurriedly tried the 4 Airtel Sim cards in my disposal, but sadly enough, none of them was eligible. I called their customer care and was able to get this from them.

What You May Not Know About This Plan
1. The plans are only a promo and will soon end just like the previous 4GB plan for N1500
2. Its a once in a life time plan for every Airtel sim. Meaning you can't subscribe twice on one sim
3. You can only enjoy one of this plan. Meaning once you opt for the 4GB you can't subscribe the 9GB again vice versa.
4. Once subscribed, It is charged at same rate with the Airtel Android data plans. Learn more about this here

How To become Eligible For This Offer
Without revealing the criterias, they claimed, the offer is a network selected plan. Meaning there systems gets to select which sim to make eligible. But the simplest way to be eligible is not by trying out sims, as many has not been selected yet. But by simply buying recharge cards, with values worth the price of the one you wish to opt for(N2000 for 4GB & N3500 for 9GB). Call there customer care line 111 and tell them you are interested in the plan. And that you want to know how to be eligible for it. They will activate it for you.

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