Sep 14, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Online Today In Nigeria

The internet has grown wide and now crawling into every neighborhood. The 9 year old boy you give a phone today will tomorrow ask for one which could be used to access the internet and the next, data to browse with. Which is more reason why the internet is booming and online stores are not left out.

Can you imagine a world which depends on clicking only? Search by clicking, choose and buy by clicking and get it delivered to you all without moving an inch from your home. Just you your computer or mobile phone and you can buy anything as long as their is money in your bank account here in Nigeria. Like what you just read? Here is more.

Why You Should Buy Things Online Compared To Road Side Shops/Outlets

Price Difference
Generally goods bought online are much more cheaper than ones bought from roadside shops. It is so because the cost of running an online store is much more cheaper and handled by larger companies, compared to roadside shops where everything is mostly based on sole proprietorship (one man business). So online stores will loose nothing by selling their products at a very very low price since profit depends on high turn up. 

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In addition to price difference, when you talk about products like infinix, Innjoo that its availability is strictly based on a contract agreement between the manufacturers and either Jumia, Konga or both. The shop next door can't provide you this phones at same price or anywhere close to what this online shops will sell. Since they will have to buy them online, pay delivery cost, add their own cut before selling to you at a God knows price.

It Is Stress Free
Seriously you don't need to be told that buying online could be completely stress free. You don't have to drive long distant, stand in the crowd or talk to one rude shop attendant just to buy a phone, computer, dress or anything at all. As everything is available through online shopping and all you need do is sit and place your order.

online-deliveryBuying online is one of the best thing that has ever happened to shopping in Nigeria. Delivery of goods is now as easy as ABC. When you buy online, the goods gets delivered right in front of your door step in no time. So even if you buy a cow, you don't need to worry about delivery lol.
Check out
konga delivery terms Here
Jumia delivery terms Here

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Payment just got easier. As long as you have money in your bank account you can easily make payments using your Credit card/ATM card that verve, visa, mastercard etc or simply pay cash on delivery. 

  • Payment on delivery is simply an option you can chose while shopping online that gets you to pay for the goods you bought / ordered only when it gets delivered to you. So if you don't trust buying stuffs online which only novices don't , the least you could do is choose this option.

Buying online keeps the ball in your court. You have enough time to choose which product to buy or ask for peoples opinion and can buy at anytime of the day be it at midnight. View products information as much as you want without anybody asking you what's up. And there would be absolutely No Igbo Boy to convince, confuse or fool you into buying trash at a much more higher rate than its being sold at.

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Legal Actions
Companies that run this online store are big companies that are dully registered. So in any case whatsoever they decide to go against there policy in anyway, you reserve the right to sue them which ever way you so please. And request compensation.

Where to buy stuffs online/Stores I Recommend? 
You don't need to ask twice before getting an answer. Globally, you can buy lots of good stuffs at very low prices from online shops. Outside Nigeria, I recommend Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon and a host of others. And in Nigeria, I highly recomend Konga, Jumia and Jiji for Cheap/low or high end mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, washing machines and a host of other household appliances even Furnitures. You can click Here to start shopping online right away from Konga or Here to shop from Jumia.

So with that said, i believe you know better now. There isn't anything to be a about shopping online nor is there any special skills required. All you need do is buy from a reputable store.

There you have my reasons. What's yours? Have you been shopping online? Which are your experience and which online store do you prefer?

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