Nov 24, 2014

Final Resort - Ideal Method To Root Your Stubborn Infinix Zero Both 2GB & 16GB

As more and more people join the race for the purchase of Infinix zero probably because of its cheapness and uniqueness, more and more people also end up joining the queue for the inability to root this device. As infinix zero is well known to be so stubborn and have successfully rejected most rooting method except THIS ONE am about to reveal today... Just follow this steps to be able to root your device in minutes and enjoy Glo bis if the infix zero free 500mb is not enough for you.

Requirements For This Tutorial

==>PC / Computer
==>SP Recovery Flash Infinix 16+2. Download it Here
==>Sp Flash Tool v5. Download it Here
==>Update SuperSU. Download it Here
==>MTK65xx Driver. Download & learn how to install it Here. If you are using windows 8 and above learn how to install drivers Here
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How To Root Infinix Zero
==>Connect your Infinix to PC using a usb cable
==>Copy the Update SuperSU you downloaded earlier to the root directory of your phone M.card(the first place you see when you open your M.card)
==>The SP Recovery Flash Infinix 16+2 file contains files namely Recovery and Scatter file. 
==>Now create a new folder on the desktop with any name. E.g Infinix Root and move the two files Recovery and Scatter files into it.
==>Extract Sp Flash Tool from the zip folder to the desktop. And run as Administrator.
==>A pop up no scatter file selected should appear.
==>Now click on the bar where you see Scatter-Loading and browse through your desktop to the folder you moved the Recovery and Scatter files to. Open and select Scatter file
==>Unplug, Turn Off your phone and wait for 30 seconds then Hit Download and plug back your Infinix to PC.
==>You should see a red link appear. But if you don't, it means your divers wasn't installed properly try checking it. Wait until you see okay then unplug your device.

==>Hold down the Volume Up button and then together with Power button on till you see Infinix. 
==>Release the power button while still holding the Volume Up button. This should take you to recovery mode.
==>Now Using the volume buttons to move up & down, and power button to select, Goto Install zip from sdcard as seen in the image above. And select the Update SuperSU file you copied to the Root directory before
==>Allow all Prompts, to install. After installation, reboot your stubborn phone
==>Open playstore, search for SuperSU and update the app to latest version. 
==>Finally open up SuperSU, click on Normal as seen in the image below, and wait for it to do its thing. Reboot as prompted and you are DONE! Longest rooting process ever. Enjoy your phone.
supersu success message

If confused, questions are welcomed and pls nobody should runaway with my testimonies oh. Let me see them through the comment box. Or else lol.

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