Nov 23, 2014

Laptop Power Banks Over Generators? My Opinion

Power banks are small portable chargers, meant to withhold power for later use in charging of phones, tablets, laptops etc when electricity is simply out of reach. This was first brought into Nigeria by manufactures of cheap Android phones like Tecno, Opsson. Due to the substandard nature of the batteries that comes with this phones.
solar power bank charging a laptop
But then, you must have heard about mobile phones power bank like Android, Infinix zero, Opsson power banks and a host of others. But have you heard of laptop power banks??

As With the present state of electricity in Nigeria, the hype in price of Laptops with lasting battery life and the constant increase in price of petrol / diesel for generators, one may wonder what the last resort would be for blogger, graphic designers, those that depend solemnly on online businesses in need of power for daily usage of their laptops.

Laptop power banks come in different capacities, sizes, spec and price. And depends on users choice.

Power Bank Or Generator Which To Buy?

Due to the high cost of laptop power banks(#12,000 and above), you maybe faced with the task of choosing between power bank and a small I pass my neither generator retailed at 14k+. But the answer, is not far fetched with the following lines. But may solemnly depend on what you prefer instead.

1. You need fuel to run generators, whilst you can easily charge your power banks while away and use at no cost at all.
==>2. Generators are generally troublesome especially when you fall for the Chinese types. And requires constant maintenance to serve while power banks are just buy, charge and use.
==>3. To avoid troubles from neighbors, generator aught to be put off at certain hours of the night while power banks could take you on a night vigil.
==>4. Some power banks are even solar charged. Meaning no extra cost for use. And fits in perfectly in  a country like ours where heat from the sun is enough for maize roasting.
==>5. Mobility is king. If you travel your power can as well travel with you. But not the other way round with a generator or do you travel around with your generator?

List Of Some Recommended Laptop Power Banks

Price 13,000

CT All In One Laptop Power Bank
CT All-in-one Power Bank is a high capacity power bank that is built with laptops in mind. It is produced with high quality rechargeable batteries. This are unique batteries that can power/charge your laptop for a minimum of 9hrs and if fully charged can take you to a ride for 20hrs. It can carry your laptop and printer (those printers that uses adaptors like; Deskjet, Photosmart, inkjets, photo printers, etc. To view more about this power bank use the button below.

Price 18,000
20000mah laptop power bank
This is a unique Power Bank for laptops with a voltage button regulator for switching between voltage of choice depending on what one want to charge.It can serve laptops and any other gadget like phones, tablets, and printers all daylong. Just turn on, regulate to the required voltage of what you want to charge, and charge till your next recharge.

Price 20,000
23,000mah 3 In 1 Solar Laptop Powerbank
Compact and stylish design for outdoor usage - Solar Pannel with 10V and max. 230mA High quality Lithium Polymer battery ensures reliable power sourcing - very flexible with 20 connectors for your mobile devices. Includes LED light Multi-voltage support for most of your devices: USB... Click the name above to see full Specification.

Price 24,500
11,200mah WGS Solar phone and Laptop power bank
This one is also a Solar Powered Battery Bank Charger for laptops, notebooks and Mobile Phones. So you don't need to rely on NEPA to charge it; Even ordinary day light is enough to charge this unit in less time. When there is sunshine, it triple charges it. Apart from that you don't also have to rely on Sun light alone. It charges with electricity depending on which one you have access to at the mean time meaning its a Hybrid

Price 24,500
Solar Laptop Power Charger 11500mAh

Another Solar charged laptop power bank.  Charges with both solar and electricity. And charges both Laptops and mobile phones. Comes with stylish, Solar panel high quality panel protected by a layer of fibre glass, lightweight and high capacity in essence of 11200mAh. Solar battery charger for all your multimedia & electronic equipment, such as Laptop, camcorder, MP3/MP4, PDA, Mobile phone, GPS, digital camera, game console, DVD player, etc To see more use the button below.

What is your view on this having gone through the list and seen the prices of laptop power banks in Nigeria. Is it a go for power banks or for generators?

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  1. hi..
    Mobile phones are becoming every one’s need and the whole world is getting merged into the smallest mobile phone. Our daily routine starts with the mobile alarm and ends up with checking up the social networking notifications. One small device becomes substitute for all the gadgets and devices. However, for enjoying the uninterrupted services, we must keep our mobile phone charged all times. It is not possible to keep our mobile phone full time charged because of the high usage and high conservation of battery. To resolve this issue, the wide series of power bank has been introduced by Feyeshoppy.
    solar mobile charger

    1. Hi Sharma
      Its great having you on my blog.

      Indeed power banks in present day Nigeria are now becoming great necessities that we infact cannot do without. Even in various parts of the world provided we need to keep in touch. As the ctate of electricity in this Areas are really not encouraging.

      Thank you for marking out your points. And do have a great day.

  2. power banks has been alternate source for guys like me who travels a lot on work and holidaying but considering the fact that high priced mobiles with apps and games consume a lot of battery and frankly i cannot spend more on power banks with high cost so i guess local power banks will do like ptron which i recently ordered 12000mah for 799 bugs (