Nov 18, 2014

Have You Heard? D-VASIVE! An Upgrade To Android Security

If you are indeed a man of privacy which i personally expect every learned soul to be, and must put an end to the whisk job most Android Apps do perfectly, in secretly Smuggling out your personal data / information such as location, conversations, pictures and so on to its so called developers or there about. Then this App is certainly a must have for you.

D-vasive is an Anti spy App for Android that enables you to have full control over your privacy. It has both paid and free version, and comes with features such as Alert options and check intervals to prevent excessive battery consumption. Runs smoothly in the background when closed without making much impact on your Phone Ram and battery. Though its services may hinder the activity of good apps like Prey Anti theft App & Smart App lock.

What D-vasive Does?
==>It stops Apps from spying on you
==>Alerts you when your phone's Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi are being activated. So you can stop them if need be.
==>Let's you know which App is actually tracking your location

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Where To Download?
Download D-vasive from Play store Here

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