Jan 6, 2015

Etisalat Introduces Smartpaks Bundle With Unlimited Internet Access To Apps

Right after Christmas, in the beginning of yet another year with huge expectations of positive change from our dear telecommunication networks, Etisalat is not living any stone unturned with the introduction of Etisalat Smartpaks bundles. Which offers unlimited access to the Apps you use the most.

Here Etisalat makes use of the Fair Usage Policy to grant unlimited internet access to certain Apps within a specific period of time, duration depending on the pak subscribed for. Say hourly, daily or weekly.

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What Is Inside The Etisalat Smartpaks?

Etisalat Smartpaks is divided into three different paks. Meaning there are 3 different paks to choose from in this Smartpak. Namely;

==>1. Chat Pak: The Chat pak gives you unlimited access (fair usage policy) to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, 2Go, and All Instant Messaging Apps. And costs #50 daily or #150 weekly.

To opt for chat pak, dial *343*5*5# for daily or *343*5*6# for weekly. You can as well send chat2 to 343 for daily and chat3 to 343 for weekly to opt in by SMS.

==>2. Social Me Pak: A bit similar to Chat pak but bigger and costs more. Covers your Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Instagram, Eskimi and other Instant Messaging Apps at #300 weekly. To subscribe dial *343*6*8# or send Chat6 to 343 by SMS.

==>3. Video Pak: With this App I believe Etisalat wouldn't try had to catch up with we the football lovers. I don't know about you but am a die had Chelsea fan. And Etisalat's Video Pak gives you access to unlimited video streaming for as long as 2hours. And that's more than enough time for one full match.

The pak covers YouTube, Skype, Viber, Vine and lots of other video Apps / website. I still don't know if it does support Sybla TV, but you can still try that out. To subscribe / opt in for Etisalat Video pak, dial *229*3*5# or send mh1 to 229 by sms. It costs #400.

How To Opt in For Any Etisalat Smartpaks

==>Dial *200#
==>Type 3 to view data menu, and choose smartpak of choice.

If you ask me, I'd say this is a great way to kick start the new year. But then the question is; Will you! go for this smartpaks or rather stick with the Etisalat cheap data plans/SME data from 3rd party resellers that Carters for all your browsing needs instead of restricting you to certain Apps only??

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  1. Nice articles you got here.. Keep up the good work... Please what template are you using??

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Backing down was never in my dictionary.

      As for the template, its actually an old blogger template I had to rebuild to its current standard (my taste). I would probably say 85% of its current designs/features wasn't of the original template itself. Hope you get that?

    2. Can you please give me the template because I so much love this design... Please send to paulehis22@gmail.com

    3. Am really sorry, giving out my exact template is certainly not the right thing to do. but I can refer you to places where you can get free good responsive Templates that are still as good as mine for your blog.

      At My Blogger Themes, This Set of Templates might help you. Scroll through the pages to get your desired Template. And do some minor editing, to create your own unique versions of it. Do reach back if you have any problem redesigning it.

  2. Hi Uche,

    I will rather stick to the SME data, cos at first they are not unlimited and again, one will even need to go for all the packs at once to be able to enjoy it fully and that will cost far more than the SME data

    1. Sure you are right going for all three paks could be quite expensive. And restrictions to certain apps only is actually not the right thing to do.

      But then, what of the video pak? that should be the best pak in the list.