Jan 15, 2015

Simple Server Powering Android Apps? See How To Set It Up With Proxydroid

Are you having problems connecting some of your apps to the internet using simple server as your Engine Room with MTN bis or what ever cheat? No cause for alarm. That will be treated in full today.

Think of that moment when you've followed some free browsing set up guidelines to the brim. And after successfully setting it up, you realize its only opera mini that is browsing.
proxy gateway
And other browsers like Ucweb, One browser, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or your default browser, and chat apps/messengers like 2go, WhatsApp, bbm etc will just stay put, without loading a single kilobyte. That could be so frustrating!

How To Make Your SS Power All Your Apps On Android?
To put an end to that on Android and enjoy App downloads with playstore and video streaming at a very high speed.

==>First of all make sure your phone has Root Access
==>Download and Install Proxy Droid for Android Here
==>Open it up and set it up as follows;
  • Host:
  • Port: 8080
==>Finally, Turn ON proxydroid and minimize it.
You can now flex your BIS or any other cheat with simple server on all your apps.

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